How to...

Google Forms iconNotion icon
Add new Google Forms responses to a Notion database
Are you trying to collect your Google Forms responses in Notion? Use Relay's integrations to seamlessly connect your form to your Notion database
HubSpot iconWebflow icon
Connect a Webflow form to Hubspot
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that creates new leads in Hubspot from your landing page
Jira iconHubSpot icon
Create a ticket in HubSpot from a Jira issue
Looking to automatically create a ticket in HubSpot when there is a new Jira issue? Automate your process using Relay!
Jira iconPipedrive icon
Create Jira issues when a deal closes in Pipedrive
Looking to automate handoff deals closed in Pipedrive to Jira? Automate your process in minutes with Relay!
Apollo iconPipedrive icon
Integrate Contacts and Pipedrive Person
Do you wish there is a way to automatically create a Pipedrive organization, person or lead when you access an email or reached out via outreach on a contact in Apollo? Use Relay to do this automatically!
Gmail icon
Quickly get rid of cold emails in Gmail
Do you get tons of unsolicited emails every day trying to sell you something? With this simple Relay workflow, you can save time by making it easy to handle cold emails with one click or in bulk.
Slack icon
Setting up a Webhook trigger (for
Need a generic way to kick off playbook runs in Relay? With a webhook trigger you can do just that. Learn how to set one up in a few minutes, via an example integration with
Calendly iconApollo icon
Update Apollo Contacts when a Calendly event is booked
Need to update an Apollo Contact when a Calendly event is booked? Use Relay to automate that process and more!