Accelerate sales growth with intelligent automation enables your sales team to concentrate on their core strengths: cultivating relationships and securing deals. By automating time-consuming tasks and intelligently incorporating human insight at key junctures, empowers you to boost revenue growth while maintaining a personalized, high-quality approach. app app screenshot

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Never let a hot lead go cold

Sync lead data across your marketing and sales tools with When a new lead comes in from Apollo or a contact submits a form on your website, automatically create or update records in your CRM. Assign leads to the right reps and trigger personalized outreach sequences. Strike while the iron is hot.

  • Create new lead records in your CRM when prospects engage with marketing campaigns
  • Assign leads to sales reps based on territory, industry, or other criteria
  • Trigger personalized outreach sequences via email when a lead reaches a certain score

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Guide deals to closed–won faster

Automate manual tasks and streamline your deal pipeline with When a deal stage changes in your CRM, notify key stakeholders in Slack. Generate and send contracts via DocuSign when a deal reaches a certain value. Keep your team aligned and focused on moving deals forward.

  • Notify account executives and leaders when a deal moves to a new stage
  • Send contracts via DocuSign when a deal hits a value threshold
  • Create follow-up tasks for sales reps when an opportunity stalls in the pipeline

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Empower your reps to sell more effectively

Arm your sales team with the content, data, and tools they need to close more deals. Automatically attach relevant case studies and battle cards to CRM records. Quickly spin up customized demo environments when a prospect requests a meeting. Give your reps more time to sell and less time hunting for resources.

  • Attach relevant sales collateral to CRM records based on deal attributes
  • Customize and provision demo environments on-demand
  • Enrich CRM data with up-to-the-minute insights

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Align sales data and automate revenue reporting

Ensure accurate and consistent sales data across your stack with Sync data between your CRM, ERP, and billing systems. Generate real-time revenue reports and dashboards. Automate commission calculations and payouts. Streamline your revenue operations and focus on driving growth.

  • Sync order and revenue data between your CRM and billing systems
  • Generate real-time sales reports and dashboards in Google Sheets
  • Calculate and payout commissions to reps when deals close

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“Highly recommend to automate all repetitive workflows. I tried a few workflow automation tools and this one has by far the best UX. They have very useful how-to guides and the BEST customer support in case you have any questions navigating the tool. They have loads of integrations and are constantly adding more.” Reviewer

Amplify sales automation with human insight

Request approvals

Add a human checkpoint to any process with approval steps. Request approval from a teammate or group over Slack or email, and your workflow will pause until they give the go-ahead to continue. Easily include all the relevant data the assignee needs to make a decision.

Request approvals

Make decisions

Not every path can be decided on by a set of rules and conditions. When you need a teammate to make an intentional decision about which steps to follow in a given run, request a manual path selection over Slack or email.

Make decisions

Gather information

When you need information from a teammate to use in automations, request their input using a get data step. Include all the relevant data needed for them to fill out the form. Collect text responses, numbers, names, and more. You’ll be able to use their responses in subsequent automations.

Gather information

Assign tasks

When a critical part of your workflow includes a step you can’t automate, you need a manual task. Assign tasks to anyone in your workspace and wait until they mark it as complete to continue the run. Include rich instructions, customizable reminders, and a deadline when you need one.

Assign tasks

Frequently asked questions

  • What is is a modern, crafted workflow automation platform. Build workflows that connect and automate actions across all the apps you already use. has deep integrations, rich workflow tools, and human-in-the-loop steps for bringing human decisions, tasks, and approvals into automated workflows.

  • What is a workflow?

    A workflow is the template for an automated workflow. With a workflow, you can streamline and automate the repetitive work you do across multiple apps. Every workflow starts with a trigger and is followed by one or more automations. Every time your trigger is activated, a new run of the workflow is started.

  • How does's pricing work? has generous plans for teams of every size, starting with a Free plan for 1–2 teammates running 100 automations per month. See our pricing plans at

  • How many integrations does support? currently has integrations with nearly 100 third-party apps (see them here). We pride ourselves on designing deep, robust integrations with the top tools used by modern teams. We are constantly adding new integrations, so if there’s another app your team needs, just request it at

  • How do I get support?

    The team prides itself on outstanding customer support and speedy response times. We strive to reply to our customers within 24 hours if not sooner and resolve minor issues within 48 hours. Reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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