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Manage the customer lifecycle

Use Relay to stay on top of critical processes with your customers through the entire lifecycle. Make playbooks for sales outreach, customer onboarding, customer engagement, and more.

Manage the customer lifecycle
Stay on top of HR processes

Stay on top of HR processes

Your people are your most important asset. Use Relay to keep team ops running smoothly. Create playbooks for recruiting, employee onboarding, performance reviews, and more.

Keep product dev and biz ops moving

Make sure your business critical functions keep moving forward. Manage product development cycles, stay on top of bookkeeping, facilitate investor and team updates, and more with Relay.

Keep product dev and biz ops moving

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Relay can help across your entire business

HR Processes

Manage your team seamlessly

Customer Success

Support your customers

Product Development

Manage the development cycle

Biz Ops

Run your business critical processes

Sales & Marketing

Grow your business

And more...

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