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Todoist is an intuitive task management app that helps individuals and teams organize and prioritize their tasks and projects. By integrating Todoist with Relay, users can amplify the functionality of Todoist, automating task creation, completion, and updating across various B2B apps. Relay allows embedding AI into these workflows for smart assistance and ensures that human oversight is available when needed, all within a collaborative environment. is a modern, crafted automation tool with deeper integrations, better features, and more flexibility than other automation tools.
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Automatically send Slack direct messages whenever tasks are completed in Todoist

Are you tired of manually sending direct messages to Slack whenever a task is completed in Todoist? If so, you're not alone! The manual process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring constant monitoring of task completion in Todoist and toggling between platforms to send individual messages for each task. This leaves little time for strategic tasks and increases the likelihood of human error. Not to mention, relying on manual notifications makes it hard to ensure that all team members receive timely updates, leading to missed deadlines and miscommunication. But what if we told you there's a better way? With, the ultimate solution for effortless task management and communication, you can streamline your workflows and enhance team efficiency. Empower your team to work smarter and collaborate more effectively, all while saving valuable time and reducing the risk of error. Say goodbye to the tedious hassle of manual notifications and hello to a new era of productivity. With, you can automate sending direct messages through Slack whenever tasks are completed in Todoist. It's easy, efficient, and a total game-changer for team productivity. So, let's take your task management and teamwork to the next level together. In this guide, we'll show you how to set up this integration in just four easy steps. Get ready to boost your productivity and reach new heights with!

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Photo of Lucas Grey
Lucas Grey
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Falling in love with @relay. Tried make and zapier and this uiux worked the simplest. It gets the job done.

Automated our waitlist collection and replying process.
Used gpt in the workflow to parse the replies to our waitlist email qtns & saved them into our notion database.

Photo of Rafa
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Product Hunt logo

I truly appreciate how @relay presents testing info. You can easily see what you are testing, and the messages are very clear if there's an error.

They are definitely creating a fantastic tool!

Screenshot showing how to test a step in an automated workflow in
Photo of Duke Dao
Duke Dao
Product Hunt logo

.@relay is just straight out awesome. Give it a try

Photo of Notion Coach
Notion Coach
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Finally getting a chance to explore @relay and wow, UX feels leaps ahead of Zapier/Make.

Photo of Maayan
Co-Founder at Elementary

You saved me thousands of dollars in engineering work.

Photo of Eva (Ziki) Zivanovic
Eva (Ziki) Zivanovic
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If you’re never heard of @relay you’re missing out BIG TIME. is an automation app that has been getting a lot of traction lately.
And for good reason.

What makes them unique on the market is their Human-In-The-Loop functionality.

This functionality basically allows your company to add intermediate manual steps that can add unique judgment, context, and perspective.

Photo of Lincoln T.
Lincoln T.
Small Business
G2 logo

Honestly, Relay is hands down my preferred automation tool (wayyyyy better than Zapier).

Honestly, Relay is hands down my preferred automation tool (wayyyyy better than Zapier). So thanks guys and keep up the awesome work!

- It super easy to test automations

- more than enough integrations with the essential apps

- human in the loop makes things so easy (and durable)

- the first automation platform where it makes sense to add your team to

- support is out of this world fast and helpful

Photo of Zack S.
Zack S.
Small Business
G2 logo

Easy to use automation tool with a great team and product support

Ease of use to automate many different tasks. The platform is being updated regularly to become more powerful and provides access to ai features that make it available to anyone with basic computer skills.

Customer support is top notch

Photo of Alex Williams
Alex Williams
CEO, Louper

Btw I have only spent 20 mins with Relay but am liking it so much more than Zapier—you've got some awesome features here in a very nice UI!

Photo of Triz
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Trying out @relay today and ❤️‍🔥

If you want to automate your processes but still allow for human decisions or inputs

@relay makes it extremely easy to implement

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