Build smarter conditional workflows with Paths

Paths let you create sophisticated, multi-outcome workflows with unparalleled ease and flexibility. Say goodbye to the limitations and workarounds of other automation tools—with, you can build the custom logic your business needs, without any code or complexity.

What are paths?

Think of Paths as a supercharged "if this, then that" for your automations. With Paths, you can create conditional workflows that route your data down different paths based on rules you define. Whether you're sorting leads, triaging support tickets, or personalizing customer journeys, Paths makes it easy to build the custom logic your business needs.

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Paths are easy with

Create multi-outcome workflows in minutes with our intuitive, no-code editor.

Add a Path

After setting up your trigger, add a Path step to your workflow. This is where you'll define the conditional logic for your automation.

Add a Path

Define rules

For each path, set the conditions that determine which data will follow that route. You can use data from previous steps, custom variables, or built-in functions.

Define rules

Add actions

Within each path, add the actions you want to perform when the conditions are met. You can connect to any of's apps and tools.

Add actions

Merge Paths

Created multiple paths but need to continue your workflow with common actions regardless of the path taken? You can merge them back together at any point —no need to create duplicate steps in each path.

Merge Paths
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“I've used several automation tools in my day, but is by far the most intuitive to use. I now use almost exclusively, and I find it integrates with almost every tool I use. I use several times a week and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to start automating their work.”

Garrett Clawson
Small business owner

What can you use Paths for?

Paths are a simple way to build flexible automations that adjust to your needs.

  1. Personalize customer journeys
    Segment your audience based on their attributes or behaviors in your CRM. Use Paths to send tailored emails, update contact properties, or create targeted lists in your marketing tools.
  2. Improve lead management
    Automatically route new leads from your forms or landing pages to the right salesperson based on criteria like company size, industry, or location. Keep your CRM up-to-date and your sales team focused.
  3. Automate task assignments
    Create and assign tasks in your project management tool based on triggers from other apps. Use Paths to set task properties, due dates, and assignees based on custom logic.
  4. Sync data conditionally
    Keep your data in sync across multiple apps, but only when certain conditions are met. Use Paths to control when and how data is updated, created, or deleted between your tools.

Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of conditions can I use in paths?

    You can use a wide variety of conditions in Paths, including:

    • Data from apps used in previous steps in your workflow
    • Logical operators (e.g., AND, OR, NOT)

    This flexibility allows you to create precise, targeted conditions to control your workflow's behavior.

  • Can I merge multiple Paths back together?

    Yes, you can merge multiple Paths back together at any point in your workflow. This is useful when you need to perform common actions after your conditional logic, regardless of which Path was taken. Simply add a new step after your Paths and connect them all to it.

  • How do I test my Paths before activating my workflow? provides a built-in testing feature that allows you to test your Paths with real data. Before activating your workflow:

    1. Use the "Test" button to send sample data through your workflow.
    2. Check the results to ensure each Path is behaving as expected.
    3. Make any necessary adjustments.
    4. Activate your workflow when you're confident it's working correctly.

    This testing process helps you catch and fix any issues before your automation goes live.

  • Are Paths included in the free plan?

    Yes, Paths (and every other feature) are included in’s free plan. For more details, see our pricing page.

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