Empower customer success teams with smart automation

Automate your customer success workflows—from onboarding to support and ongoing customer engagement—with Relay.app. Incorporate human-in-the-loop at crucial stages for decisions such as escalations, personalized outreach, and strategic account adjustments.

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Streamline customer onboarding

Automatically trigger personalized welcome emails, set-up guides, and product walkthroughs when a new customer signs up. Schedule follow-up calls through integrations with tools like Calendly, and maintain a seamless transition by syncing data across Salesforce or HubSpot.

  • Automate initial account set-ups when a new customer registers
  • Schedule introductory calls when a customer completes onboarding forms
  • Provide customized content based on customer industry or needs

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Enhance your support operations

Automate the ticketing process and ensure quick responses by integrating Relay.app with your support tools like Zendesk or Freshdesk. Set up automated alerts for high-priority issues and route tickets based on issue type or customer tier.

  • Create support tickets when a customer submits a form
  • Update ticket statuses and notify relevant teams in real-time
  • Automate knowledge base suggestions based on incoming queries

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Optimize your account management

Keep your customer profiles updated with real-time data from interactions across multiple platforms. Use automated workflows to identify upsell opportunities or at-risk accounts, and initiate proactive engagements.

  • Sync account updates across CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot
  • Trigger automated outreach for renewal reminders or upsell opportunities
  • Manage contract renewals and amendments with automated workflows

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Streamline feedback collection and analysis

Automate the collection and analysis of customer feedback to continuously improve your service offerings. Integrate with tools like Typeform or Google Sheets to gather and organize feedback efficiently.

  • Automatically send feedback surveys after service milestones
  • Compile and analyze feedback data to inform product development
  • Share customer insights across teams to foster improvements

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Maintain high customer engagement

Automate the tracking of customer engagement through interactions on various platforms. Set alerts for changes in engagement levels and adjust your strategies accordingly.

  • Track customer interactions across platforms and update engagement scores
  • Notify account managers of significant changes in customer activity
  • Automate satisfaction surveys after key interaction points

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“We have Relay.app throughout the entire customer lifecycle. From before they are a customer, to sales, to onboarding, to go-live, to QBRs, to renewal. Every part of the life cycle is built around Relay.app.”

Ari Hoffman
Head of Customer Experience, Skyflow


Enhance automation with human insights

Request approvals

Add a human checkpoint to any process with approval steps. Request approval from a teammate or group over Slack or email, and your workflow will pause until they give the go-ahead to continue. Easily include all the relevant data the assignee needs to make a decision.

Request approvals

Make decisions

Not every path can be decided on by a set of rules and conditions. When you need a teammate to make an intentional decision about which steps to follow in a given run, request a manual path selection over Slack or email.

Make decisions

Gather information

When you need information from a teammate to use in automations, request their input using a get data step. Include all the relevant data needed for them to fill out the form. Collect text responses, numbers, names, and more. You’ll be able to use their responses in subsequent automations.

Gather information

Assign tasks

When a critical part of your workflow includes a step you can’t automate, you need a manual task. Assign tasks to anyone in your workspace and wait until they mark it as complete to continue the run. Include rich instructions, customizable reminders, and a deadline when you need one.

Assign tasks

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Relay.app?

    Relay.app is a modern, crafted workflow automation platform. Build playbooks that connect and automate actions across all the apps you already use. Relay.app has deep integrations, rich workflow tools, and human-in-the-loop steps for bringing human decisions, tasks, and approvals into automated workflows.

  • What is a playbook?

    A playbook is the template for an automated workflow. With a playbook, you can streamline and automate the repetitive work you do across multiple apps. Every playbook starts with a trigger and is followed by one or more automations. Every time your trigger is activated, a new run of the playbook is started.

  • How does Relay.app's pricing work?

    Relay.app has generous plans for teams of every size, starting with a Free plan for 1–2 teammates running 100 automations per month. See our pricing plans at relay.app/pricing.

  • How many integrations does Relay.app support?

    Relay.app currently has integrations with nearly 100 third-party apps (see them here). We pride ourselves on designing deep, robust integrations with the top tools used by modern teams. We are constantly adding new integrations, so if there’s another app your team needs, just request it at support@relay.app.

  • How do I get support?

    The Relay.app team prides itself on outstanding customer support and speedy response times. We strive to reply to our customers within 24 hours if not sooner and resolve minor issues within 48 hours. Reach out to us at support@relay.app and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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