Google Calendar integrations

Relay makes it easy to integrate Google Calendar with other apps to automate workflows for yourself and your team. Build your first playbook today and start automating your Google Calendar workflows in minutes.

Google Calendar triggers and automations

Event scheduled
Event upcoming
Recurring event upcoming
Add guests to meeting
Attach to event
Create event
Import event
Update event

How-to guides featuring Google Calendar

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Google Calendar iconCoda icon
Add new Google Calendar events to your Coda tables
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that automatically creates a new row in a Coda table from newly scheduled Google Calendar events.
Calendly iconGoogle Calendar icon
Sync updated Calendly events with your Google Calendar
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that automatically updates the events scheduled in Google Calendar whenever there's any update in the scheduled Calendly events. Keep your Google Calendar events updated with this seamless workflow between Calendly and Google Calendar. When the event in Calandly is updated, the corresponding event in Google Calendar will be updated instantly, ensuring that your schedule remains accurate and up-to-date. Simplify your calendar management with this easy-to-use automation.
Calendly iconGoogle Calendar icon
Sync Calendly events with Google Calendar
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that automatically creates an event in Google Calendar from newly scheduled event in Calendly. When you schedule a time to meet with someone, not adding that to your calendar means you very well might miss the meeting. If you have trouble remembering to add meetings to your calendar, this is for you! This integration automatically generates a new event in Google Calendar from the details of each new scheduled Calendly event.
Calendly iconGoogle Calendar icon
Automate Google Calendar invites for new Calendly events
Easily invite more people to your Calendly events by automating Google Calendar invites

Do more with Google Calendar and Relay

Google Calendar is a powerful and widely used calendar app that helps individuals and teams manage their schedules, appointments, and events. With Relay's integration with Google Calendar, you can automate and streamline your scheduling processes, enabling you to save time and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Automatic Meeting Reminders

Relay can automatically send meeting reminders to participants using Google Calendar notifications. You can set up a workflow that sends reminders a specified amount of time before the meeting starts, ensuring that everyone is on time and prepared.

Event Registration and Confirmation

By integrating Google Calendar with Relay, you can create automated workflows for event registration and confirmation. When someone registers for an event, Relay can automatically add the event to their Google Calendar and send a confirmation email with all the necessary details.

Integrating Google Calendar with Relay opens up a world of possibilities for automating and enhancing your scheduling processes. And the best part? You can try it for free! Sign up today and experience the power of seamless integration between Google Calendar and Relay.

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