How to automate Google Calendar invites for new Calendly events

Easily invite more people to your Calendly events by automating Google Calendar invites
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Create your playbook

Your playbook is where you'll set up the steps that are involved in your workflow.

Sign up for Relay to get started with your first playbook. Once on the dashboard, click the "New playbook" button, and you're off to a good start.

Make sure to give your playbook a clear name & identifiable emoji to help it stand out among the crowd!


Add the Calendly trigger

A trigger is responsible for detecting changes in your connected apps and running your playbook in response.

In this case, the "Newly scheduled events" trigger for Calendly will automatically create new playbook runs for Newly scheduled events.

Click "Add trigger" in your playbook, select the "Newly scheduled events" trigger, and set it up. If this is the first time you're setting it up, you'll be prompted to connect your Calendly account.


Add the Google Calendar automation

A playbook contains steps that will be executed during every run. Automations are steps that take some action in another tool.

In this playbook, you can set up a "Add to a meeting" automation for Google Calendar.

Click the "Add step" button, then navigate to "Automations", find the Google Calendar automation, and fill out the details. If this is the first time you're setting it up, you'll be prompted to connect your Google Calendar account.


Turn on your playbook

Once you turn on your playbook, new runs will automatically be started when the trigger detects a change in your connected app.

Click the toggle button in the header to turn on your playbook. Before doing so, you can also test your playbook to confirm that it's working as intended.

Try it for yourself in an interactive sandbox

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