Become a Consulting Partner partners with automation experts and consultants in the no-code ecosystem to grow our business and yours.
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About is an automation platform (like Zapier and that saves time by connecting and automating workflows between your tools. has three main advantages over other tools:

1. Keep a human in the loop: makes it easy to involve your team to approve automations, make decisions, complete manual tasks, or review the work of AI.

2. Add AI assistance in any automation: Embed AI in any workflow to summarize content, extract information, and more—no prompt writing needed.

3. Make it multiplayer: Roles let playbook editors delegate tasks or automations to different assignees every time the playbook runs.

Plus our simple, attractive pricing model ( encourages you to use our product more, not less.

About the Consulting Partner Program works with automation experts and consultants in the no-code ecosystem. The goal of the program is to build a great product that can grow our business and yours.

This program is intended to optimize for what our consulting partners care most about: A high quality tool for their clients, a direct line to the team for product feedback, and promotion of their business and services.

Program benefits at a glance

As a Consulting Partner, you'll receive:

  • Free unlimited access to for your own usage
  • A direct line to our team (via Slack) to help us shape the product
  • Referrals to customers who need automation help
  • Promotion of your content and business
  • Relay partner badge that you can use on LinkedIn or your website

Program requirements

What we need from you as a Consulting Partner:

  • Use yourself and give us feedback to make it better
  • Use with your clients if it’s the right tool for the job
  • Spread the word about us in the community
  • When appropriate, create content about that we can promote

Note: None of these requires a firm commitment or exclusivity with

Frequently asked questions

  • Once I’ve submitted an application, when can I expect to hear back?

    Our team will respond to your application as quickly as possible. We aim to review new applications within 48 hours.

  • Does have an affiliate program?

    No, does not currently have an affiliate program. We believe that the financial incentives of such a program would be negligible compared to the other benefits we offer.

  • Is a commitment or exclusivity with required?

    No. The Consulting Partner Program is not a binding agreement. You don’t need to make a commitment to or collaborate exclusively with Either party can withdraw from the partnership at any time for any reason.

  • Is there any cost to being part of the Consulting Partner Program?

    No, there is no cost to being part of this program. The amount of time you choose to spend on the program requirements is up to you.

  • How does promote partner content?

    We love sharing our partners’ amazing work! We post and share partner videos, case studies, quotes, and other similar content in the appropriate social media channel based on the type of content, its length and quality, and our current marketing objectives. Our primary marketing channel is LinkedIn, where we often post from our CEO and our company accounts.

We'd love to partner with you.

Does the Consulting Partner Program sound like a fit? Apply and we’ll get you started with a free unlimited account for your own use.
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