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100$0$0200$0$19.99750$9$19.991,500$9$395,000$9$8910,000$9$12925,000 and 1 user$59$28925,000 and 3+ users$59$399
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Monthly cost per # of steps
25,000 and 1 user$59
25,000 and 3+ users$59
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Monthly cost per # of steps
25,000 and 1 user$289
25,000 and 3+ users$399
Author picture (Garrett Clawson) Small business owner

“I've used several automation tools in my day, but is by far the most intuitive to use. I now use almost exclusively, and I find it integrates with almost every tool I use. I use several times a week and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to start automating their work.”

Garrett Clawson
Small business owner

Frequently asked questions

  • Which plan is best for me and my team? has generous plans for teams of every size. If you’re not sure where to start, just sign up for the Free plan to get started. It’s easy to change plans, so you can start with any and adjust based on your automation and seat needs.

    The Professional plan is great for 1–2 teammates using up to 10k automations per month. If you need to collaborate with more than one teammate, or find yourself needing more automations, try the Team plan, which allows for 25k automations per month and as many seats as you need.

    If your organization has specific requirements, like custom integrations needs, specific security requirements, or a large team that would benefit from ongoing support, just reach out to us at to see if an Enterprise plan is right for you.

  • What counts as a seat?

    You’ll need a seat for everyone in your workspace who needs to edit workflows, run automations using their credentials, and complete human in the loop actions (like submitting data, approving runs to continue, and completing tasks).

    Recipients of emails and messages from email and Slack automations aren’t included in your seat count.

  • What counts as a step?

    Any successfully completed step in a workflow is included in your automation count. For example, if you’ve automated actions in other tools, like adding to a Notion database or sending a Slack message, those actions would count as steps when successfully completed.

    Just checking or polling another app for new data isn’t considered an automation.

  • Does checking or polling for new data count as an automation?

    No. Checking for new data (for example, to see if there were changes to a Salesforce deal, or additions to a Google Drive folder), doesn’t count as an automation. Only actions successfully completed for you count as automations.

  • What happens if I go over the automation limits?

    When you consistently go over your plan’s automation limits, we will contact you to discuss whether your current plan is right for you.

  • How many integrations does support? currently has integrations with more than 100 apps (see them here). We pride ourselves on designing deep, robust integrations with the top tools used by modern teams. We are constantly adding new integrations, so if there’s another app your team needs, just request it at

  • Which integrations are included in each plan?

    All plans give access to the same integrations. You won’t be charged extra for any premium integrations. If there’s an additional integration your team needs, just request it at

    For certain integrations, paid plans include faster polling times than the free plan.

  • How do I get support?

    The team prides itself on outstanding customer support and speedy response times. We strive to reply to our customers within 24 hours if not sooner and resolve minor issues within 48 hours.

    Customers on our Free and Professional plans can email us at and we’ll get back to you promptly. Customers on our Team and Enterprise plans can also message us over chat.

    For our Enterprise customers, we offer accelerated development times for certain integration and feature requests that are critical to our customers’ workflows.

  • Do you support enterprise-level contracts?

    Yes. If you need custom integrations, have specific security requirements, or expect to need ongoing support for a large team, we are happy to discuss a custom agreement that works for your organization’s needs. Send us a notes at

  • Can I cancel or change my plan later?

    Yes. Just head to to change or cancel your plan at any time.

    If you upgrade, the change will take place right away, and you’ll pay a prorated amount for the billing cycle. If you downgrade or cancel your plan, you’ll continue to have access to your higher tier plan until the end of the billing cycle.

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