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Relay versus zapier price and feature comparison


Compare to Zapier

Price per month
When paid annually
per user
flat fee
$19.99 to $39
$49 to $3,389
$69 to $3,999
Automations per month
750 to 1.5k
2k to 2M
2k to 2M
Playbooks / Zaps
Multi-step workflows
Premium integrations
Incl. Salesforce, Zendesk
Human actions
Incl. approvals, decisions

Frequently asked questions

  • Which plan is best for me and my team?

    If you’ll have multiple editors building and running playbooks that are critical to your business, we highly recommend the Unlimited plan. You can invite as many editors as you need, build unlimited playbooks with unlimited automations, and receive exceptional customer support directly from expert Relay engineers over chat for a flat monthly fee.

    If you’ll be using Relay individually, or with just a couple of teammates, the generous Startup plan provides unlimited playbook creation and running for just $9 per user per month when paid annually. You can change your plan anytime as your needs change.

  • What do you provide in terms of customer support?

    The Relay team prides itself on exceptional customer support and lightning fast response times. We strive to reply to our customers in minutes and resolve small issues the same day. For our enterprise customers, we also offer accelerated development times for certain integration and feature requests that are critical to our customers’ workflows.

    To get in touch during working hours, just message us using the chat tool on the bottom right of the website or while you’re logged in. Email us anytime at

  • Can you provide enterprise-level contracts?

    Yes! Contact our team at We’re happy to discuss a custom agreement that works for your organization’s needs.

  • What does unlimited mean?

    With the Startup and Unlimited plans, you can create as many playbooks as you need, add as many automations as you like, and run them as often as you want—all for one monthly rate.

    Of course, Relay and the services that Relay integrates with have rate limits to prevent misuse and unintended usage spikes, but this is rarely encountered.

  • How does this pricing compare to Zapier?

    Relay’s low per user or flat fee pricing model is generous for anyone who needs to build an automated workflow with more than one step or teammate.

    Zapier’s pricing starts at over $200 per year for any individual running a Zap with more than one step, and goes up from there based on the number of tasks performed per month.

    With Relay’s per user or flat fee pricing, your Relay playbooks can be as long as you need them to be, and you can run them as often as you need to, without worrying about going over task limits.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes. Just head to to cancel at any time.

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