Automate tasks with AI assistance & human oversight

Build powerful playbooks with AI and human oversight

1-click AI assistance with AI Autofill

1-click AI assistance with AI Autofill

No need to bring your own ChatGPT account. Use AI Autofill for powerful AI assistance like suggesting content, summarizing something, extracting a specific piece of information or classifying content to make faster decisions.

Add a Personal Touch to build connection

Add a Personal Touch to build connection

Most automations should be 100% hands-free. But some can be supercharged with a Personal Touch. Easily add personalization or missing inputs to automations that need it, especially automated emails and DMs.

Avoid mistakes with Double Check approvals

Avoid mistakes with Double Check approvals

Turn on Double Check for any automation that could use an extra look from a teammate before it runs.

The flexibility you expect

Multiplayer from the ground up: Use Roles to assign tasks and delegate Double Check automation approvals to teammates. Edit playbooks together as easily as Google Docs.

Automation Variants make it easy to create multiple variations of an automation when you need slightly different solutions for different use cases–like one welcome email template for domestic customers, and another for international.

Paths without hassle. Choose different sets of steps to follow in your playbook based on automated rules. Or, when you need a person to make the call about which path to follow, just assign the decision to them.

Deep Slack integrations save your team from needing to check another tool. By default, Relay notifies your team with timely pings when an action is required of them.

Greater efficiency for every team


Automate how you run your startup

Customer Success

Onboard new clients and re-engage existing ones

Product Operations

Track product, marketing, & experiment launches


Respond quickly to incidents


Guide your team to follow best practices consistently


Streamline new hire onboarding

Integrated with your team’s tools

Relay is an alternative to Zapier, Make, and Workato.