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Automation with a human in the loop

Teams choose Relay.app over alternatives like Zapier because human-in-the-loop steps enable them to create workflows they can't automate in other tools.

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Everything you expect from a modern automation platform—and more

Connect the apps your team already uses

Relay.app integrates with the apps modern teams use to run their business. Whether you’re automating workflows for Sales, Marketing, Support or Engineering teams, Relay.app has the integrations you need.

Craft the workflow that meets your needs, simple or complex

Whether you’re building a short & sweet if-this-then-that automation or a more complex multistep process, Relay.app offers the tools you need to express the perfect workflow.

Supercharge automations with simple in-context AI features

Relay.app offers useful in-context AI Autofill assists for common needs like extracting or summarizing data. For more custom AI automation, just add your own prompt.

Keep a human in the loop when not everything can be automated

Relay.app is built for teams. And because not every workflow in a team can be fully automated, Relay.app lets you add human judgment to any automation.

Fast-growing companies save time with Relay

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"Relay.app has completely transformed how we approach onboarding for new employees. In addition to reducing the time we spend on manual tasks by over 70%, Relay.app gives us the right tools to build positive interactions between employees, managers, and new hires—improving the onboarding experience for everyone."

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Aaron Perlstein
People Operations
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"Relay.app is the only tool we’ve used that conforms to our processes, rather than having to adjust the process to conform to the tool. It truly is the only tool we’ve used that feels frictionless for human-in-the-loop workflows."

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Hassaan Raza
Co-Founder & CEO
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"Relay.app's integration between the App Store and Slack has helped us respond to reviews and feedback 10x faster, thereby improving our mobile app rating by a full point from 3.2 to 4.2 within 2 months."

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Henry Qi
Co-Founder & CEO

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