Changelog (November 2023)
In November 2023 we launched 64 new integrations across 19 apps, including Coda, Facebook Lead Ads, Outlook, SmartSuite, Stripe and many more.
Changelog (October 2023)
In October 2023 we launched 62 new integrations across 24 SaaS apps, including Affinity Attio, lemlist, DocuSign, Pipedrive, Harvest and many many more.
Integrations with the new Pipedrive Projects API now has deep integrations and automations with Pipedrive's new Projects API
Launching is launching. Relay is a workflow automation tool that goes beyond triggers and actions. It helps teams with more than other automation tools via one-click AI assistance, human-in-the-loop collaboration, and a multiplayer experience from the ground up.
Changelog (September 2023)
In September 2023 we enhanced our AI Autofill capabilities. Use AI Autofill to Generate messages, Extract information, Summarize content or Classify content to conditional decisions. Furthermore, we shipped new integrations with GitHub, Google Tasks, Apollo and Notion among others.
Changelog (August 2023)
In August 2023 we completely redesigned the playbook creation experience to make it even simpler to build automated workflows that are supercharged with one-click AI assistance and human oversight. Plus we shipped 45 new integrations with SaaS apps like Affinity, Intercom, Typeform, Notion and Pipedrive.
How Overe saved hundreds of dollars with
Cased study on how Overe saved hundreds of dollars with Relay app and automated workflow using HubSpot and Slack
Responding to App Store Reviews
Responding to app store reviews can help boost your app's rating. Here are tips for managing responses!
Changelog (July 2023)
In July 2023 we focused on usability and product robustness. Plus, we shipped new integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Docs, Google Forms and Google Calendar.
Ep #2: Responding to Support Emails
Tips for founders to manage customer feedback like support emails and app store reviews!
Changelog (June 2023)
In June 2023 we shipped a brand new Template Gallery to Relay and new integrations with the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Lever, Confluence and HelpScout.
Ep. #1: The Sales-to-Success Handoff
Tips for Customer Success leaders to improve their processes!
Ep. #1: Recruiting and HR
Recruiting and HR Tips for Founders
Changelog (May 2023)
In May 2023 we shipped many product updates to Relay, including usability improvements and new integrations with Greenhouse, Intercom, Gmail and Asana.
Supercharging Customer Success playbooks with external Data Sources
Data Sources in Relay let you connect multiple external data sources to your playbook, like a CRMs, spreadsheets, tables and project management apps. Data sources are very helpful for essential Customer Success playbooks like customer onboarding and QBR planning
Making Relay great for Product Ops through new integrations
March flew by! Over the past weeks we've been focused on making Relay great for various Product Ops use cases like managing feature launches, user research, project planning, and more. We also shipped a whole bunch of new features and customer requests including many new integrations with tools like Linear, Jira, Salesforce, Notion, Google Workspace and Slack.
New in Relay: Data tab, more integrations & webhooks
We've made a ton of improvements to Relay this month, including new ways to pull in data from external sources, flexible webhooks to interact with other tools, and lots of new integrations (Asana, JIRA, Salesforce, Here's a brief update.
January 2023 update from Relay
It’s been a busy month at Relay, shipping lots of new functionality and content! Here’s a quick update with lots of content and feature updates that will help you get the most out of Relay.
Introducing Relay
Relay makes it easy for leaders and operations pros to run a tight ship by capturing, running and automating collaborative workflows. Sign up here to get early access!