Operational Excellence for Founders Ep. #1: Recruiting and HR
Tips and best practices for founders to stay on top of HR processes.
Supercharging Customer Success playbooks with external Data Sources
Data Sources in Relay let you connect multiple external data sources to your playbook, like a CRMs, spreadsheets, tables and project management apps. Data sources are very helpful for essential Customer Success playbooks like customer onboarding and QBR planning
Making Relay great for Product Ops through new integrations
March flew by! Over the past weeks we've been focused on making Relay great for various Product Ops use cases like managing feature launches, user research, project planning, and more. We also shipped a whole bunch of new features and customer requests including many new integrations with tools like Linear, Jira, Salesforce, Notion, Google Workspace and Slack.
New in Relay: Data tab, more integrations & webhooks
We've made a ton of improvements to Relay this month, including new ways to pull in data from external sources, flexible webhooks to interact with other tools, and lots of new integrations (Asana, JIRA, Salesforce, Here's a brief update.
January 2023 update from Relay
It’s been a busy month at Relay, shipping lots of new functionality and content! Here’s a quick update with lots of content and feature updates that will help you get the most out of Relay.
Introducing Relay
Relay makes it easy for leaders and operations pros to run a tight ship by capturing, running and automating collaborative workflows. Sign up here to get early access!