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10 Notion Automations Alternatives You Should Try in 2024

If need deeper and more flexible automations than what Notion provides, the best alternatives include, Pipedream, Zapier, and more.

5 Processes Every Customer Success Team Should Automate

Discover the key to scaling your customer success efforts efficiently in our guide. Learn how to enhance customer interactions through automation while preserving the essential human touch in critical areas.

Product Updates (April 2024)

In April 2024 we launched new integrations across 9 apps, including Salesforce, Signeasy, Google Drive and Asana. Plus, we launched a number of major new features: Iterators, Batch triggers, new Human-in-the-Loop steps as well as a very flexible new AI Step

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Six reasons you need to start automating your marketing ASAP.

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Looking to get more out of your limited marketing resources? These marketing automation tools will help.

Pabbly Connect vs Zapier vs Which should you choose in 2024?

We compared Pabbly Connect and Zapier with our tool ( Here’s what we found!

Start multiple Playbook runs at once with Batch Triggers

Batch riggers in let you start multiple runs at once for the same Playbook. For example, you may use batch triggers to set off mail merge campaigns, or kick off a playbook on a weekly periodic schedule that checks in with the Account Executives for all stale Deals in sales pipeline in HubSpot.

N8N vs Zapier vs Which tool’s best for your team?

Which tool’s best for your team? N8N, Zapier, or perhaps This article gives you answers.

The Best Form Automation Software in 2024

Looking to streamline your workflow and reduce your workload? Form automation software transforms tedious manual processes into streamlined, automatic workflows, saving time and reducing errors

Pipedream vs Zapier vs Which one is better? [2024]

Deciding between Pipedream, Zapier and will depend on features, pricing, integrations and ease of use.

Zapier vs Power Automate vs (The Ultimate Guide)

Which is better? Zapier, Power Automate, or perhaps a new player like This article compares them in detail.

How to Build an Automated CRM System in Notion

Learn to leverage Notion's flexibility for improved lead tracking, team collaboration, and actionable insights, all in one intuitive platform.

How to Automate Calendly (3 Easy Methods)

In this article we break down the three main methods of automating Calendly: workflows, native integrations, and through third-party software like

Zapier vs IFTTT vs Which One is Better? [2024]

Which is better? Zapier, IFTTT, or perhaps a new player like This article compares them in detail.

Human-in-the-Loop Automation

Make your automations and AI steps work every time by adding a human-in-the-loop for approvals, decisions, and tasks.

Zapier vs Workato vs Choosing the Best Automation Solution in 2024

Unbiased review of Workato & Zapier, then introducing to give you a clear idea of the best automation tool for you.

How to Automate Google Calendar in 2024

Run your work-life on autopilot with these Google Calendar automations.

Unlock new automation use cases with Iterators

Iterators in let you automate actions for individual items inside a list. For example, to automatically add individual meeting invitees that attended to a CRM after an event ended

9 Best IFTTT Alternatives to Automate Business & Home

The best IFTTT alternatives you must try are, Zapier, Make, Power Automate, Pipedream, Pabbly Connect, Workato, Zoho Flow, and n8n.

How to Automate Coda

This article covers everything you need to know about Coda automation—from setting them up natively to buying "packs" or connecting with a third-party workflow tool like

10 Ways to Automate Asana

Unlock the full potential of Asana with, seamlessly integrating and automating your project management workflows.

Top 10 Alternatives to n8n: Finding Your Automation Tool

Non-technical teams need a n8n alternative. This article uncovers the best 10 in detail.

How to Build (& Automate) an Attio CRM

Attio is the new CRM on the block, offering unmatched flexibility and customization for teams. Let's look at how to build a CRM with Attio—and level it up with's automations.

9 Best Power Automate Alternatives for Process Automation

Deep dive of the 9 best Power Automate alternatives, including, Automation Anywhere, Apian, CFlow and more.

8 Best Pabbly Connect Alternatives in 2024 [In-Depth Review]

In this article, we talk about some of the popular Pabbly Connect alternatives like, Butternut, Make, Zapier, and more.

Best 9 Pipedream Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

In this article we are going to discuss best Pipedream alternatives in 2024.

Product Updates (March 2024)

In March 2024 we launched new integrations across 9 apps, including Affinity, Airtable, Asana, Bitly, ConvertKit, Google Sheets, Linear, Pipedrive and Todoist. We also launched many new features like the ability to use server responses from Webhook automations and many usability improvements.

8 Ways to Automate Slack

Make Slack real hub of your workspace with these handy workflow automations.

Top 10 Bardeen Alternatives for Workflow Task Automation in 2024

In this article, we break down Bardeen’s limitations and offer you alternative software to consider for your business, such as, Qntrl, Workato, Cheat Layer, Make, and more.

8 Ways to Automate Notion

Notion lives up to the "all-in-one" workspace moniker, but it's light on direct integrations with other apps. In this article we've curated a list of ways to automate Notion with

7 Ways to Automate Airtable

Airtable automations are great, but they fall short when it comes to integrating with the rest of your tech stack. In this post, we look at how to level-up your Airtable automations with

10 Best Workato Alternatives You Must Try in 2024

In this article, we dive into Workato’s limitations in more detail and break down the top workflow automation tools for 2024.

14 Ways to Automate Google Sheets

An automated Google Sheet can often replace multiple business processes and tools. Here's a guide—and a bunch of examples—to show that sometimes a simple spreadsheet is all you need.

7 Ways to Automate Pipedrive

Automate your Pipedrive CRM and go from warm lead to final sale faster than you can say "automation".

How to merge paths in automations (three-step guide)

Frustrated by Zapier's inability to merge paths across automation? You'll love how easy it is in

6 ways to automate ClickUp with

Whether it's syncing tasks across multiple project management apps, streamlining document management from Google Drive or Dropbox, or leveraging webhooks for custom integrations, seamlessly connects ClickUp with the rest of your tech stack.

Make vs. Zapier: Which Workflow Automation Tool is Right For You?

Make and Zapier are two workflow automation tools designed to integrate your favorite apps and automate repetitive tasks. But how do they stack up against each other?

The Four Types of AI—and How to Use Them in Your Business

From handy chatbots to autonomous AI agents, we're breaking down the basic types of AI and ways they can work for you.

How to Use Zapier with ChatGPT

Zapier's ChatGPT plugin is awesome, no doubt. In this blog post, we show how to use it—and show off an alternative that doesn't require you to run automations through ChatGPTs UI.

Automate Your Busywork (Book Summary & Notes)

Through the lens of key concepts such as automated workflows and the illusion of productivity, the summary offers a roadmap to a more efficient and fulfilling professional life, free from the drag of low-priority tasks—no reading required!

25 Thought-Provoking Quotes on Automation and AI

Discover the profound impact of automation on the future of work with our curated collection of 21 insightful automation quotes. Explore how thought leaders envision the integration of AI and automation in reshaping industries and enhancing productivity.

How to Use Zapier with Google Sheets

Wondering how to connect your Google Sheet with Zapier? You've come to the right place.