January 2024 Changelog: 90 new integrations, flow control updates

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product
Logos of apps with new Relay.app integrations

We kicked off the new year with 90 new integrations with apps including Calendly, ClickSend, ClickUp, Fillout, Harvest, Mailchimp, Smartlead.ai, Todoist, Webflow and Pipedrive.

We're currently working on some highly requested features that will significantly enhance Relay's flow control capabilities, unlocking a whole new set of use cases. We’re very excited to tell you more soon πŸ™‚

🀩 Core product improvements

  • Dozens usability & reliability improvements to the core playbook editing and debugging experience
  • [beta] Multi-workspace login. If you manage Relay workspaces for other people and want to be able to sign in with the same account, let me know if you’d like to beta test this new feature!

πŸ”Œ New integrations


  • Trigger: Task completed


  • Trigger: Event canceled
  • Trigger: Event rescheduled
  • Trigger: Event ended
  • Trigger: Event started

ClickSend πŸ†•

  • Send text message


  • Add comment to task

Fillout πŸ†•

  • Trigger: New response
  • Generate a form submission URL

Google Docs

  • Trigger: Document added to folder

Google Drive

  • Share a folder
  • Share a file
  • Copy a file

Google Forms

  • Share a form
  • Copy a form

Google Sheets

  • Trigger: Spreadsheet added to folder

Google Slides

  • Trigger: Presentation added to folder


  • Trigger: Client updated
  • Trigger: Project updated
  • Trigger: Expense updated
  • Trigger: Expense created
  • Trigger: Time entry updated
  • Trigger: Time entry created
  • Trigger: Invoice updated
  • Trigger: Invoice created
  • Trigger: Task updated
  • Trigger: Task created
  • Trigger: User updated
  • Trigger: User created
  • Update expense
  • Create expense
  • Update time entry
  • Create time entry via start and end time
  • Create time entry via duration


  • Get or create tag
  • Update member tags


  • Trigger: Activity added
  • Update note comment
  • Add note comment
  • Update note
  • Add note
  • Attach deal to project
  • Update product
  • Add product
  • Duplicate deal
  • Add product to deal
  • Update deal
  • Add deal
  • Update lead
  • Update organization
  • Update or add organization
  • Update person
  • Update or add person
  • Update activity
  • Add follower to product
  • Duplicate deal
  • Add participant to deal
  • Add follower to deal
  • Archive lead
  • Add follower to organization

QuickBooks Online

  • Update vendor


  • Get or create contact
  • Update record
  • Create record

Smartlead.ai πŸ†•

  • Trigger: Lead replied to email
  • Trigger: Email sent to lead
  • Trigger: Email link clicked
  • Trigger: Email opened
  • Trigger: Lead unsubscribed
  • Trigger: Lead added
  • Unsubscribe lead from all campaigns
  • Unsubscribe lead from campaign
  • Remove lead from campaign
  • Resume campaign for lead
  • Pause campaign for lead
  • Update lead category
  • Update lead
  • Add lead to campaign


  • Trigger: Customer created


  • Trigger: Task completed
  • Trigger: Label added
  • Trigger: Task created
  • Trigger: Project created


  • Trigger: Order disputed
  • Trigger: Order refunded
  • Trigger: Order fulfilled
  • Trigger: Order placed


  • Trigger: Meeting created
  • Trigger: New meeting registrant

Zoom Events

  • Trigger: New event registrant

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