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June 2024 updates: AI Agents, DALL·E, data formatting & 124 new integrations

In June 2024 we launched AI Agent steps, a DALL·E integration, data formatting steps, plus 124 new integrations across 27 apps including Airtable, Asana, AssemblyAI, Dropbox, GitHub, Loops, Notion, Retable, SmartSuite, Square, Stripe and Zoom.

May 2024 updates:, AI Steps, & more

In May 2024 we launched new integrations across 10 apps, including, Fillout, HubSpot, Intercom, Notion, Paddle, ScrapingBee, SmartSuite, Syften and Zendesk. We also launched many new AI features like AI Actions to search the web and additional steps like AI Extract and AI Summarize.

April 2024 updates: Custom AI prompts, iterators, batch triggers and more

In April 2024 we launched new integrations across 9 apps, including Salesforce, Signeasy, Google Drive and Asana. Plus, we launched a number of major new features: Iterators, Batch triggers, new Human-in-the-Loop steps as well as a very flexible new AI Step

Unlock new automation use cases with iterators

Iterators in let you automate actions for individual items inside a list. For example, to automatically add individual meeting invitees that attended to a CRM after an event ended

March 2024 Changelog: Webhook upgrades and step numbers

In March 2024 we launched new integrations across 9 apps, including Affinity, Airtable, Asana, Bitly, ConvertKit, Google Sheets, Linear, Pipedrive and Todoist. We also launched many new features like the ability to use server responses from Webhook automations and many usability improvements.

February 2024 Changelog: Path merging and automated file handling

In February 2024 we launched 71 new integrations across 10 apps, including Microsoft Teams, Paddle, Attio, ConvertKit, Google Contacts, Google Drive, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Quickbooks Online, Webflow and Zoom. We also shipped many core product improvements like the ability to merge Paths and enhanced file upload/download capabilities.

Simplify complex workflows with path merging

Streamline your workflows by seamlessly merging paths and branches. Simplify your automation process, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency with just a few clicks.

January 2024 Changelog: 90 new integrations, flow control updates

In January 2024 we launched 90 new integrations across 21 apps, including Calendly, ClickSend, ClickUp, Fillout, Harvest, Mailchimp,, Todoist, Webflow and Pipedrive.

December 2023 Changelog: 88 new integrations, usability enhancements, and more

In December 2023 we launched 88 new integrations across 11 apps, including SmartSuite, Front, Quickbooks Online, MailerLite, Jotform and Posthog.

November 2023 Changelog: 64 new integrations, including Coda, Outlook, and Stripe

In November 2023 we launched 64 new integrations across 19 apps, including Coda, Facebook Lead Ads, Outlook, SmartSuite, Stripe and many more.

October 2023 Changelog: Product Hunt launch and runs revamped

In October 2023 we launched 62 new integrations across 24 SaaS apps, including Affinity Attio, lemlist, DocuSign, Pipedrive, Harvest and many many more.

Unleashing Pipedrive's potential with integration improvements now has deep integrations and automations with Pipedrive's new Projects API