May 2024 updates:, AI Steps, & more

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product

Earlier just launched brand-new integrations with and Syften. Over the past few weeks, we have also deepened our integrations with Notion, Intercom, HubSpot, Paddle, SmartSuite, Zendesk, and others. Additionally, we've made dozens of usability and reliability improvements to the core product experience. Our goal is to provide you with the easiest-to-use automation tools!

I'm particularly excited about some of our recent AI updates, and I'd like to highlight two:

GPT-4o usage on us

We launched GPT-4o support moments after OpenAI's announcement. Earlier this week, we decided to include reasonable usage in all our plans 😃. We’re eager to hear how you’ll supercharge your workflows with GPT-4o!

Free reasonable GPT-4o usage is on us!

New AI steps including ‘Browse the web’

We launched three new AI steps in addition to last month’s Custom Prompt step:

  1. Extract
  2. Summarize
  3. Browse the web

These are helpful "shortcuts" for common AI use cases without the need to write the full prompt yourself. You can also optionally give your Custom Prompt steps access to the web by enabling this through Actions.

New AI steps in including 'Browse the web'

See the full list of updates below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feature requests!


Core product improvements

  • Overall: lots of usability improvements across the board
  • Generic “Wait for object to match rule” step
  • Simplified Role assignment via new “Assign a Role” step
  • Improved data picking experience
  • Improved Trigger data preview
  • Improved workflow data viewer
  • Recurring triggers: increased trigger granularity (down to 15 min granularity)


  • Support GPT-4o (reasonable usage is on us!)
  • AI Actions, including native “Search web” and “Load webpages” actions
  • New AI steps
    • Summarize
    • Extract
    • Browse the web



  • Support form response PDFs


  • Find record(s)


  • Trigger: Ticket added
  • Convert conversation to ticket
  • Update ticket 🆕

  • Trigger: Item added
  • Trigger: Item meets conditions
  • Trigger: Item field changed
  • Trigger: Update added to Item
  • Trigger: Subitem added
  • Trigger: Subitem meets conditions
  • Trigger: Subitem field changed
  • Trigger: Group added
  • Find item(s)
  • Move item to group
  • Update item
  • Create item
  • Update subitem
  • Create subitem
  • Find subitem(s)
  • Find group(s)
  • Reply to update
  • Update added to item
  • Group created
  • Add update to item
  • Like update
  • Archive subitem
  • Delete subitem
  • Delete item
  • Archive item
  • Delete group
  • Duplicate item
  • Update group
  • Archive group
  • Duplicate group
  • Create group


  • Support for Rollups
  • Append to database page


  • Create transaction


  • Perform a Google search


  • Support for SmartDocs

Syften 🆕

  • Trigger: Mention found


  • Update ticket

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