October 2023 Changelog: Product Hunt launch and runs revamped

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product

Earlier this month we launched on Product Hunt! We ended up becoming the #2 most upvoted app of the day, and #4 of the week. We’re grateful for all the support and feedback we’ve been getting along the way πŸ™.

As a result, our efforts this month have primarily been focused on building more integrations with other SaaS apps. In fact, 62 of them across 24 apps!

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🀩 Usability & experience updates

  • πŸ’™ Complete revamp of Run experience
  • πŸ’™ Improved usability of Human-in-the-Loop and AI chips
  • Revamped β€œWait” step experience
  • Improved usability of data field picker
  • Enhanced robustness in data integrations

πŸ€– Integrations (62 new across 24 apps)


  • Trigger: Field change

Attio πŸ†•

  • Trigger: Record added to list
  • Trigger: Record created
  • Add record
  • Add record to list
  • Update list entry
  • Update record


  • Trigger: New group event attendee

Cal.com πŸ†•

  • Trigger: New booking
  • Trigger: Upcoming bookings

ClickUp πŸ†•

  • Trigger: Task created
  • Trigger: Task status changed
  • Create task
  • Update task

DocuSign πŸ†•

  • Send envelope
  • Wait for envelope signed
  • Export envelope to PDF

Drip πŸ†•

  • Get or create subscriber
  • Add tag to subscriber
  • Remove tag from subscriber

Google Calendar

  • Attach file to event

Google Drive

  • Trigger: Folder created
  • Move folder

Google Tasks

  • Update task


  • Trigger: New Call


  • Create candidate note
  • Add tag to candidate

Harvest πŸ†•

  • Create project
  • Get or create client


  • Trigger: New note created

Invoice Ninja πŸ†•

  • Create invoice

lemlist πŸ†•

  • Trigger: Lead replied
  • Trigger: Recipient unsubscribed
  • Add lead to campaign
  • Pause all campaigns for lead
  • Remove lead from campaign
  • Resume all campaigns for lead


  • Trigger: Label added
  • Trigger: Comment added

Mailchimp πŸ†•

  • Trigger: New subscriber

Mailjet πŸ†•

  • Add Contact to List
  • Get or Create Contact

Mem πŸ†•

  • Append to a Mem
  • Create a Mem


  • Trigger: Project phase changed
  • Trigger: Project status changed
  • Trigger: Project created
  • Update task in project
  • Add task to project
  • Delete project
  • Archive project
  • Update project
  • Create project

ScrapingBee πŸ†•

  • Extract text from a HTML page


  • Reply to a message in thread as @Relay.app
  • Reply to a message in thread
  • Add @Relay.app to a channel
  • Send DM from @Relay.app
  • Send DM
  • Send channel message from @Relay.app
  • Send channel message


  • New card added

Finally, Relay is now an official Linear integration.

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