December 2023 Changelog: 88 new integrations, usability enhancements, and more

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product
Logos of apps with new integrations

To close off 2023, we launched another 88 integrations in December with apps including SmartSuite, Front, Quickbooks Online, MailerLite, Jotform and Posthog.

In addition, we made many usability updates that further improve the ease of use of Relay.

The full list of updates is below, but be sure to check out Jacob’s demos on how to uplevel some of your key GTM workflows like personalized welcome emails and CRM updates using Relay and SmartSuite.

🤩 Core product improvements

  • Trigger usability updates (enhanced previews, filters)
  • Hardening & reliability updates

🔌 New integrations

Documint 🆕

  • Create document

Front 🆕

  • Trigger: Comment added to any conversation
  • Trigger: Conversation is assigned
  • Trigger: Conversation is reopened by a reminder
  • Trigger: Conversation is unassigned
  • Trigger: Link added to a conversation
  • Trigger: Link removed from a conversation
  • Trigger: Message cannot be delivered
  • Trigger: Message cannot be sent
  • Trigger: Message is forwarded
  • Trigger: Message is received
  • Trigger: Message is sent
  • Trigger: Reply is sent
  • Trigger: Tag added to conversation
  • Trigger: Tag removed from conversation
  • Trigger: Teammate mentioned in a comment
  • Add comment to conversation
  • Add contact handle
  • Add contact note
  • Add contacts to account
  • Add external links to conversation
  • Add links to conversation
  • Add tags to conversation
  • Assign (or unassign) conversation
  • Create account
  • Create contact
  • Create draft
  • Create draft reply
  • Create link
  • Import message
  • Mark contact as spammer / not spammer
  • Move conversation to inbox
  • Remove links from conversation
  • Remove tags from conversation
  • Reply to conversation
  • Select contact handle
  • Send message (new conversation)
  • Update account
  • Update contact description
  • Update contact name
  • Update conversation status
  • Update link

Google Drive

  • Move file to Trash

Jotform 🆕

  • Trigger: New form submission

MailerLite 🆕

  • Trigger: Subscriber added to group
  • Trigger: Subscriber added to segment
  • Trigger: Subscriber created
  • Trigger: Subscriber removed from group
  • Trigger: Subscriber removed from segment
  • Trigger: Subscriber submitted a form
  • Add subscriber to group
  • Create or update subscriber
  • Delete subscriber
  • Remove subscriber from group
  • Update subscriber

Paperform 🆕

  • Trigger: New submission

PostHog 🆕

  • Trigger: Action performed

QuickBooks Online 🆕

  • Trigger: Account created
  • Trigger: Account updated
  • Trigger: Customer created
  • Trigger: Customer updated
  • Trigger: Estimate created
  • Trigger: Estimate updated
  • Trigger: Expense created
  • Trigger: Expense updated
  • Trigger: Invoice created
  • Trigger: Invoice updated
  • Trigger: Sales receipt created
  • Trigger: Sales Receipt updated
  • Trigger: Vendor created
  • Trigger: Vendor updated
  • Create customer
  • Create estimate
  • Create expense
  • Create invoice
  • Create sales receipt
  • Create vendor
  • Send estimate
  • Send invoice
  • Void invoice

SmartSuite 🆕

  • Trigger: Comment added
  • Trigger: Record changed
  • Trigger: Record created
  • Add comment to record
  • Create record
  • Update record


  • Gmail Automation - Forward email


  • Linear Automation - Create sub-issue

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