Product Updates (March 2024)

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product
New integrations across 9 apps, including Affinity, Airtable, Asana, Bitly, ConvertKit, Google Sheets, Linear, Pipedrive and Todoist

Earlier this month, our entire team came together for a summit. We spent time working together in-person (we're all-remote) and discuss priorities for the coming months. That didn't hold us off from shipping product updates! Below are some highlights that I’m personally very excited about 🙂

Webhook upgrades

Firstly, we made many improvements to our Webhook integrations. Webhooks let you integrate with any other flexible tool like your company’s own internal systems. You can use webhooks in 3 ways:

  1. Use the Webhook Trigger to kick off runs when an HTTP request is made to a unique playbook URL
  2. Use the Wait for incoming webhook step to “pauses” a playbook run until a request is received
  3. Use the Call webhook step to make a custom HTTP request, i.e. to kick off an action in another system

In March we completely revamped the ‘Call webhook’ step and we introduced support for using the server response in the remainder of your playbook. This has been a highly requested feature!

Setting it up is straightforward – you can either specify the response format manually, or you can simply paste an example response from a test request, and we will infer the structure. Definitely the easiest way to go!

Re-introducing step numbers

You can now use the server response from webhook requests in

The second update is a small but effective one. We (re-)introduced showing step numbers before each step in the playbook editor, and these step numbers are also reflected in the variable chips. This makes it very easy to spot where a specific field came from.

This is especially helpful when your playbook contains multiple resources from a single app. More usability improvements to chips are in the works.

Step numbers in will help you understand where variables come from

Finally, I’ll leave you with a teaser… 🤫 We’re currently testing an early version of the most requested feature to date. More on that soon!

Coming soon to

See the full list of updates below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with your top feature requests!


🤩 Core product improvements

  • 💙 'Call Webhook' step now supports using the server response
  • 💙 Updated variable field chips
  • Re-introduction of step numbers
  • Date formatter new formats
  • Improved usability of conditional logic rule editor (AND, OR)
  • Improved usability of Trigger filters
  • Many performance and reliability enhancements

🔌 New integrations


  • Trigger: Entry added


  • Trigger: Record added


  • Trigger: Task added
  • Trigger: Task completed
  • Trigger: Project added
  • Create task
  • Create project
  • Duplicate task
  • Instantiate project template

Bitly 🆕

  • Shorten link


  • Trigger: Tag created
  • Trigger: Sequence created

Google Sheets

  • Copy & fill in {{placeholders}}


  • Trigger: New issue added
  • Trigger: Issue meets conditions
  • Trigger: Issue field changed
  • Trigger: Issue status changed
  • Trigger: Issue becomes
  • Trigger: New project added
  • Trigger: Project meets conditions
  • Trigger: Project field changed


  • Add activity


  • Trigger: Recurring Task completed