June 2024 updates: AI Agents, DALL·E, data formatting & 124 new integrations

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product
124 new integrations across 27 apps

Earlier this week, we launched three new AI features on Product Hunt. Thanks to your incredible support, we ended up being the 2nd most-upvoted product of the day. Thank you! 🙏

The new features make it very easy to use AI in your automations in a predictable and structured way:

  1. built-in AI actions for common use cases
  2. a flexible ‘Custom Prompt’ step
  3. the ability to create mini AI Agents

They can all be used with any AI model, including Anthropic’s brand new powerful Claude 3.5 Sonnet.

For inspiration, watch this video of a workflow to triage customer support emails using the ‘Custom Prompt’ step:

In addition to these AI features we launched a lot more in June, including a whopping 124 new integrations across 27 apps 🤯

The full list of updates is below, but there’s one more I’d like to call out: data formatting steps. You were always able to do basic formatting actions inline, like splitting text variables or choosing the display format of a date variable. With the launch of formatting steps, we didn’t just expand the number of available formatting actions but also made them available as individual steps with reusable outputs.

Formatter steps in Relay.app help you adjust variables and get them in the right shape or format

See the full list of updates below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feature requests!


Core product improvements

  • 🆕 Data Formatting steps
  • 🆕 RSS Trigger
  • New variable “chips” that help you better understand which data is being referenced
  • Improved Human-in-the-Loop notifications via email and Slack
  • Simplified step authorization flow for multiplayer workflows
  • Improved (more explicit) error messaging to help you debug
  • Improved run data inspector for easier debugging
  • File objects: the file name is now available in the step output
  • Increased robustness & retries when external API quota limits are encountered
  • Plus dozens of other small usability improvements


  • 🆕 AI Agent step
  • 🆕 DALL·E integration 🙌
  • 🆕 Built-in AI Action: Translate
  • 🆕 Claude 3.5 Sonnet support
  • Many ‘Custom Prompt’ step improvements



  • Create or update record


  • Create or update contact


  • Trigger: Comment added to task
  • Add comment to task
  • Find project(s)

AssemblyAI 🆕

  • Transcribe audio
  • Wait until transcription completes
  • Find transcript(s)


  • Create or update list entry


  • Create or update row

Dropbox 🆕

  • Trigger: File added to folder
  • Find file(s)
  • Find folder(s)
  • Create file request
  • Update file request
  • Delete file
  • Share file
  • Move file
  • Upload file
  • Copy file
  • Rename file
  • Move folder
  • Copy folder
  • Create folder
  • Rename folder


  • Trigger: Pull request added
  • Trigger: Issue added
  • Create issue
  • Update issue
  • Find team membership(s)
  • Find organization membership(s)
  • Find user(s)
  • Find issue(s)
  • Find branch(es)
  • Find pull request(s)
  • Find repository(ies)

Google Calendar

  • Event added
  • Event added
  • Find event(s)

Google Drive

  • Rename file
  • Rename folder

Google Sheets

  • Create or update row


  • Trigger: Record added
  • Create or update record
  • Remove record from list
  • Add record to list
  • Update record
  • Create record


  • Trigger: Contact added
  • Trigger: Conversation added
  • Find team(s)
  • Reply to ticket
  • Close conversation
  • Add note to conversation
  • Update conversation
  • Add tag to conversation
  • Remove tag from conversation
  • Reply to conversation
  • Send message to contact
  • Create conversation
  • Attach contact to company
  • Remove tag from ticket
  • Detach contact from company
  • Add tag to ticket
  • Update or create company
  • Remove tag from contact
  • Add tag to contact
  • Add note to contact
  • Update contact
  • Create contact

Loops 🆕

  • Send transactional email
  • Send event
  • Update contact
  • Get or create contact


  • Create or update page


  • Find email(s)


  • DALL·E


  • Find organization(s)

QuickBooks Online

  • Create or update customer
  • Update customer


  • Create or update row


  • Create or update record


  • Wait until external invitees accept invites
  • Generate message link


  • Create or update record

Square 🆕

  • Trigger: Invoice added
  • Trigger: Order added
  • Trigger: Payment added
  • Trigger: Customer added
  • Trigger: Booking added
  • Trigger: Catalog entry added
  • Find payment(s)
  • Find invoice(s)
  • Find merchant(s)
  • Find customer(s)
  • Find order(s)
  • Find catalog entry(ies)
  • Find location(s)
  • Find customer group(s)
  • Remove customer from group
  • Add customer to group
  • Update customer group
  • Create customer group
  • Update customer
  • Create customer


  • Trigger: Charge added
  • Trigger: Payment link created
  • Trigger: Invoice added
  • Trigger: Refund added
  • Trigger: Dispute added
  • Trigger: Checkout session added
  • Trigger: Subscription added
  • Trigger: Payment added
  • Update payment link
  • Create payment link
  • Cancel subscription
  • Create subscription
  • Update customer
  • Find charge(s)
  • Find refund(s)
  • Find dispute(s)
  • Find checkout session(s)
  • Find subscription(s)

Things 🆕

  • Send task to Inbox


  • Trigger: Meeting added
  • Trigger: Webinar created
  • Trigger: New webinar registrant
  • Update meeting
  • Add registrants to meeting
  • Find webinar(s)

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