Jacob Bank
Jacob Bank
Relay editor with an email automation open

We’re launching today! It’s a workflow automation tool (like Zapier) that goes beyond triggers and actions. By combining one-click AI assistance, human-in-the-loop collaboration, and a robust multiplayer experience, Relay can automate more of your work than any other tool. Try it for free at

Relay does three things that other automation tools don’t do:

1. One-click AI assistance anywhere

Leverage the power of AI directly in your playbooks with just one click. Summarize meeting notes, suggest content in a message, extract information from an email, and much more. No need to write complex prompts or bring your own ChatGPT account – AI is built-in everywhere you might need it.

Hubspot "update contact" automation with an AI Autofill chip to summarize meeting notes

2. Human-in-the-Loop collaboration

Some workflows shouldn’t be 100% automated – they require the unique judgment or insight of a real person. Relay makes it easy to involve your team to approve critical automations before they run, review the work of AI, or add a personal touch to messages.

Slack "send a message" automation with manual fill-in

3. Multiplayer from the ground up

Many of the trickiest workflows require collaborations across teams that use different tools. Relay makes it easy to build playbooks together and use roles to dynamically assign tasks and actions to roles on different teams.

Task assigned to a Support Rep that references the right Account Executive

Our founding team worked together at Google, where we led product, design, and engineering for Gmail and Google Calendar. We decided to start Relay for two reasons. First, we were frustrated by the number of different tools we needed to use to get our work done and by how poorly those tools worked with each other. Second, we were excited about the opportunity to combine advances in AI with an elegant human-in-the-loop user experience to solve this problem in a new way.

By augmenting traditional workflow automation with AI assistance built into every step, along with a layer of human oversight on top, computers can do what they do best and people do what they do best. Relay integrates with the tools you already use and allows you to automate workflows across all of them. As a result, Relay can be used for a wide range of use cases across sales, support, marketing, customer success, operations, product development and more.

In our early access phase, customers like Ramp, Skyflow, Motion, Lumos, and Warp have been saving a ton of time with Relay. With an additional $3.1M in funding led by a16z, we’re ready to bring Relay to everyone!

To check it out, try it for free at

What will you automate?

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