February 2024 Changelog: Path merging and automated file handling

Thijs van As
Thijs van As
Founding Head of Product
71 new integrations across 10 apps, including Microsoft Teams, Paddle, Attio, ConvertKit, Google Contacts, Google Drive, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Quickbooks Online, Webflow and Zoom

As usual, we shipped many new integrations this past month, including highly requested apps like Microsoft Teams and ConvertKit. We also launched a whole bunch of core product improvements over the past weeks, and I wanted to highlight a couple of them:

Firstly, the ability to merge/rejoin Paths. We've been hearing so often from customers that they wanted to continue adding steps to the “common path” after one or more conditional steps. We made it straightforward to do so, and it’s even possible to chain multiple Paths after each other for your more complex playbooks. It has already been a game changer for our own automation needs! Learn how to use them here.

You can now continue adding steps (or even new Paths) after a Paths block

Second, we made tons of improvements around automated file uploads and downloads across apps. One of my favorite recent improvements is that you can now magically export a Google Doc/Sheet/Slide to another file format (like PDF or DOCX) without the need for an explicit ‘Export’ step.

You simply pick the desired format directly within the integration that you’re using, for example in the attachment field of an email (see gif below). Paired together with our revamped ‘Copy template & replace {{placeholders}}’ automation (which now supports replacing images!), this enables a whole spectrum of use cases. Learn more here.

Exporting a Google Doc/Sheet/Slide to another file format like PDF is now very easy in Relay

See the full list of updates below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with your top feature requests!

🤩 Core product improvements

  • 💙 Many Paths usability updates, including support for drag & drop and a top feature request to merging paths
  • 💙 A fully revamped ‘Copy template doc & replace {{placeholders}}’ automation for Google Docs that now also supports replacing images
  • 💙 Google Documents now let you inline export to other file types when used anywhere you can upload files (e.g PDF, DOCX, etc)
  • Generally enhanced support for files across many integrations (e.g. Google Drive, Linear, SmartSuite, Typeform, Xodo Sign)
  • Support for Xodo Sign’s sandbox mode
  • New step: Wait for incoming webhook (HTTP)
  • New step: Generate (temporary) public URL for any file
  • Improved navigation to ease switching between Run and Editor views
  • Support for optional inputs in manual triggers
  • You can now sign up for Relay with a Microsoft account

🔌 New integrations


  • Add comment to list entry
  • Reply to comment
  • Create task
  • Add comment to record
  • Create note

ConvertKit 🆕

  • Trigger: Subscriber added to tag
  • Trigger: Subscriber added to sequence
  • Trigger: Subscriber added to form
  • Trigger: Subscriber unsubscribed
  • Trigger: Subscriber created
  • Trigger: Unsubscribe subscriber
  • Trigger: Add subscriber to sequence
  • Trigger: Remove tag from subscriber
  • Add subscriber to form
  • Update subscriber
  • Add tag to subscriber
  • Create tag

Google Contacts 🆕

  • Trigger: Label removed from contact
  • Trigger: Label added to contact
  • Trigger: Contact created
  • Remove label from contact
  • Update contact
  • Add label
  • Update or create contact
  • Get or create contact

Google Drive

  • Create folder shortcut
  • Create file shortcut


  • Update ticket

Paddle 🆕

  • Trigger: Payment attempt made
  • Trigger: Transaction created
  • Trigger: Transaction completed
  • Trigger: Subscription created
  • Trigger: Subscription status changed
  • Trigger: Subscription change scheduled
  • Trigger: Customer created
  • Add customer business
  • Add customer address
  • Update customer
  • Get or create customer


  • Add person

Quickbooks Online

  • Trigger: Bill created
  • Trigger: Bill updated
  • Create bill

Microsoft Teams 🆕

  • Send DM
  • Send message to existing chat
  • Reply to message
  • Send message
  • Add to a channel
  • Create channel
  • Add to a team
  • Create team


  • Trigger: Order refunded
  • Trigger: Order fulfilled
  • Trigger: Product updated
  • Trigger: Product created
  • Trigger: Order disputed
  • Trigger: Order placed
  • Trigger: User changed
  • Trigger: Item changed
  • Trigger: User created
  • Trigger: Refund order
  • Trigger: Item created
  • Update order
  • Unfulfill order
  • Create and invite user
  • Update user
  • Fullfill order
  • Update item
  • Publish items
  • Create item
  • Create collection


  • Create meeting

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