How I streamlined my Event RSVP process through automation

Kaitlin Pierce
Kaitlin Pierce
Education Innovator Turned Data Enthusiast

Hello Community! My name is Kaitlin Pierce, and I am an educator turned no-code data and automation enthusiast. In my role as a clinical coordinator and program administrator for a University, I often found myself struggling with manual processes that ate up precious hours of my day and caused endless frustration. I found while searching for an automation solution that was truly no-code (as I am definitely NOT a developer by training!) and easy to pick up and apply to my daily work needs.

Today, I’m bringing you an in-depth look at how to leverage and Google Workspace to simplify one of my most common pain points in event management processes. Leveraging’s powers of human-in-the-loop and AI combined with a tool you probably use nearly every day, you too can stress less about RSVPs and focus more on creating amazing events! Here's my step-by-step guide for an easy, pain-free RSVP management system using just Gmail, Google Sheets, and

The Challenge of RSVPs

Have you ever organized an event only to be overwhelmed by the hassle of sending invitations and tracking responses? Trust me, I know how stressful that can be, especially when dealing with important stakeholders with varying levels of technological comfort. offers a straightforward solution, allowing you to automate the entire RSVP process right from your inbox and a single Google Sheet.

Automating Invitations

In any automation, you must first consider the Trigger. The trigger starts the chain reaction of sending out invitations and handling responses that make up this automation. Using's batch action capability, you can send all your invitation emails in one go—triggered manually, set to run on a specific date, or on a recurring schedule of your choosing!

Adding a batch trigger

In this example, I store the information for my email invitations in Google Sheets.'s Gmail integration lets you customize and automate these emails effortlessly. All you need to do is draft your email, personalize it using the information for each recipient on your list, and add any pertinent information or images.

The finished workflow

Waiting for Responses and Using AI (Here's where the real magic happens!)

After sending invitations, we sit back and wait for invitee responses. Instead of worrying about firewalls or external tools,'s AI functions do the heavy lifting.

The step AI Extract step extracts key information from the RSVP response emails

The AI function extracts data from natural language email replies, allowing your recipients to respond without having to exit their inbox while saving you time and ensuring no detail is missed. This data is then automatically added to your Google Sheet so that you have all the information centralized and easily accessible.

Personalizing Follow-Ups

But wait, there’s more! allows you to use branching logic to personalize follow-up responses based on the invitee's reply. Whether they're attending in person, via Zoom, or not at all, ensures they receive a tailored confirmation email.

Path configuration


  1. User-Friendly UI: Their clean interface makes it easy to build and manage workflows.
  2. AI Integration: Advanced AI models are built right into your workflows.
  3. Cost-Effective: Many powerful features are available for free within the limits of their monthly automation allowance.

I encourage you to explore the endless possibilities of automating your everyday tasks with Whether you're planning a small gathering or a grand event, our tools are designed to make your life easier.

Until next time,

Kaitlin - Educator, Scientist, Citizen Developer, Enthusiast 😍

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