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We all love Notion because it's such a powerful and flexible tool. It combines databases, notes, tasks, documents, and wikis, and many people can run a big part of their company on top of it. Yet, even the most devoted Notion user still needs an ecosystem of other tools to get their work done, so it's critical to build workflows that connect Notion to other tools.

Relay.app can supercharge Notion by connecting it to the rest of your apps, bringing in much-needed automation and AI smarts. In this article, we'll explore a few easy ways save you time by automatically integrating Notion with your other key tools.

What is Relay.app? Relay.app is an advanced automation platform that boosts team efficiency while keeping a personal touch. It integrates human decisions, AI help, and teamwork into workflows, connecting seamlessly with tools like Gmail and Slack to streamline tasks and let teams focus on what truly matters.

Get information from emails into Notion

We all get way too many emails, and in many cases we need to extract information from particular emails into a Notion database. Relay.app makes it easy to set up automated workflows to scan your email inbox and get key data from the right emails into Notion automatically.

Here's an example from Matthias Frank, an expert in both Notion and automation tools, that demonstrates how to easily get invoice information into a Notion database with the help of AI.

You can see a more detailed tutorial on his blog here.

Create pages from forms and surveys

Online forms are essential for gathering data — whether it's capturing leads through Typeform, collecting feedback via Google Forms, or managing event sign-ups with Fillout.

With Relay.app, you can channel this important data straight into your Notion workspace, neatly organizing it into dedicated pages or database entries. This integration streamlines data collection, saving you time on manual transfers and enhancing data reliability by eliminating human errors.

Example use case:

Say you're hosting a webinar and use Typeform for registration. As attendees sign up, Relay.app automatically creates a new page in your Notion database for each registration. This page can include the attendee's name, email, and any specific questions or interests they've indicated. This not only helps in organizing your event more efficiently but also allows for personalized follow-up communications, making your attendees' experience more engaging and tailored.

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Import data from spreadsheets

Relying on spreadsheets for your organizational data makes sense, particularly for large teams. However, manually transferring this data into Notion isn't just inefficient; it's prone to errors.

Relay.app streamlines this process, automating the transfer of data from your spreadsheets or databases directly into Notion. With each addition or update in your spreadsheet, Relay.app ensures your Notion workspace is updated in real time. Say goodbye to manual data entry and the errors that come with it.

Example use case:

Imagine managing a large project with numerous stakeholders, each providing updates via a shared Google Sheet. With Relay.app, any changes in the Google Sheet — like project status updates or new task assignments — automatically generate or update pages in a designated Notion database. This keeps your project plan in Notion current, ensuring all team members have access to the latest information without manual updates.

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Integrate calendar events

Though calendar apps usually sync smoothly among themselves, manually updating your Notion workspace with meetings, deadlines, and follow-ups eats up valuable time. Relay.app automates this, funneling events from Google Calendar or Outlook directly into Notion. This ensures your schedules, project timelines, and important deadlines are always reflected in Notion, facilitating seamless project management and flow.

Example use case:

You're planning a marketing campaign with multiple deadlines and meetings scattered across the month. By integrating your Google Calendar with Notion via Relay.app, every campaign meeting, deadline, and follow-up action automatically creates or updates a page or entry in your Notion calendar. This keeps your entire team aligned with real-time updates, ensuring everyone is aware of upcoming commitments and deadlines without manual checks.

Send notifications

Keeping your team in sync is vital, yet constant updates can be overwhelming. With Relay.app, automate notifications to your team via email or Slack whenever significant updates occur in Notion — from project status changes to new pages or key milestones. This automation keeps everyone informed without the manual effort, enhancing collaboration and streamlining workflows.

Example Use Case:

Your team is working on a product launch, and you're using Notion to track progress across various departments. Whenever a major milestone is reached or there’s a critical update in the launch plan, Relay.app automatically sends a notification to a designated Slack channel or via email to the team.

Harmonize your tech stack

It's 2024, and tool juggling is part of the job. Relay.app simplifies this by ensuring that updates in Notion are instantly mirrored in your other tools. Visualize a page update in Notion instantly updating a card in Trello or a contact in Salesforce, all seamlessly and without manual intervention. This connectivity doesn’t just save time; it fosters a cohesive operational environment, minimizes mistakes, and bolsters team synchronization.

Example use case:

Your sales team updates a client interaction in a Notion database, which triggers Relay.app to update the corresponding client record in Salesforce and create a follow-up task in Trello for the account manager.

Append documents to database entries

Gathering and appending docs to Notion pages can be a pain. Relay.app facilitates this by generating documents using Google Docs templates, populated with details from Notion entries. Whether it's composing a detailed report or sketching out a project plan, your documents remain current and are automatically connected to Notion, making document handling more efficient.

Example use case:

You're summarizing quarterly performance for different departments stored in a Notion database. Relay.app can take predefined Google Docs templates for each department's report and automatically fill them with the latest performance metrics from Notion. Each document is then linked back to the relevant Notion page.

Import sales data

Integrating Relay.app with Notion revolutionizes how you manage orders, customer information, and inventory. Automate processes like recording refunded orders from Webflow directly into Notion or seamlessly creating new Stripe customer records based on your Notion data. This automation guarantees up-to-the-minute accuracy in your e-commerce data, freeing you to concentrate on expanding your business.

Example use case:

Let's say your online store processes a return. Normally, updating this in your records would require manual entry, but with Relay.app, the refund details from Webflow automatically generate a new entry in your Notion inventory database. Similarly, when a new sale comes through, the customer's details from Stripe are instantly recorded in Notion.

Upgrade Notion with automation

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to automating your work with Notion or any other app. To start with automating Notion, reflect on the daily tasks that consume your time, especially those involving the transfer of information between different platforms. Chances are, Relay.app can take over these repetitive tasks, freeing up your schedule.

What sets Relay.app apart is its ability to work quietly in the background, seamlessly integrating information across your chosen tools, sending timely notifications, and ensuring data coherence across your entire organization. Once your automation is configured, you can redirect your focus and energy towards what really matters, secure in the knowledge that Relay.app is keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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