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Whitney Hazard
Whitney Hazard
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Slack's marketing makes an inherently lofty promise: to be the central hub of your business. That sounds great! But for most companies... it's just not reality. Slack workspaces are often a bit of a mess. And between the range of task apps, and project management tools, communications and updates are still distributed across dozens of places.

The answer? (Honestly, a good start is auditing how you use Slack and setting some ground rules but that's a story for another day). The other answer is automation. With automation, you can actually turn Slack into the central hub of your projects and communications—and it doesn't take much manual setup.

With Relay.app's extensive range of integrations, you can automate virtually every aspect of your business workflow, connecting essential tools and services across your tech stack. Here are some possibilities these integrations unlock:

Streamline scheduling and team communication

Keeping everyone aligned is crucial for your team’s success. Relay.app simplifies the intricacies of communication and scheduling, focusing your attention on what truly matters.

Received a Calendly invite? With a quick Slack message action, Relay.app can create a document, dispatch the link, and update calendars directly in your chosen private or public channel.

This automation eliminates the back-and-forth, ensuring everyone is ready and on time.Relay.app can also convert Gmail and Outlook messages into actionable Slack messages, selectable by keywords or senders, and direct them to the appropriate channel.

With Relay.app taking charge of these tasks, your team remains well-informed and cohesive with minimal effort. Transforming meeting setups and email oversight into automated Slack workflows means less time spent on coordination and more time propelling your projects forward.

Simplify project management

Good project management is the heartbeat of a productive team. Whether you're using Asana, ClickUp, or Todoist, Relay.app keeps everyone in sync by real-time syncing task updates across these platforms.

No matter the tool preference, your entire team has access to the latest updates on project progress and task completion, directly in Slack.

You can even share these updates as direct messages or in specific channels so relevant team members are always in the loop. Relay.app also connects Jira and GitHub, ensuring issue tracking and code updates are perfectly aligned.

Keeping everyone informed and focused has never been easier.

Optimize CRM management

We all know strong customer connections are essential. But getting your hands dirty with your CRM of choice every five minutes for the latest info updates is a bit of a bore. You can make life easier for you and your sales and marketing teams by summarizing updates in Slack.

For example, you can send a Slack message with key information from HubSpot so you can quickly follow up with new leads if necessary. You can even choose to have Relay.app's in-line AI provide context or an in-depth summary based on the HubSpot data, so you're only getting the info that matters.

Why not send yourself a DM for key Pipedrive activities? Or share updates to customer information in Mailchimp straight to your #email-marketing channel. Using a basic Google Sheets CRM? Set up channel notifications in Slack for real-time updates on customer data.

Handle document management and signing

Managing documents and securing signatures shouldn't be a bottleneck. Relay.app integrates with leading document management and e-signature platforms, making it simpler to create, share, sign, and store documents without getting bogged down by manual tasks.

When you create a document in Google Docs, Relay.app takes over seamlessly. It forwards the document to DocuSign for signatures and then stores the signed version back in Google Drive, eliminating manual steps.

This streamlined process reduces turnaround times for contracts and bolsters document security, ensuring you have quick access to critical signed documents, each with a unique record ID string for easy tracking.

Introducing a new file to Dropbox? Relay.app automatically syncs a copy to Google Drive, granting your entire team workspace access to the latest versions, no matter their working location. This automatic synchronization removes the frustration of manual file management, keeping your essential documents both backed up and current.

With Relay.app's document management improvements, you spend less time on paperwork and more on driving your projects forward.

Leverage AI for smarter workflows

Relay.app's in-line AI capabilities enhance your Slack or Microsoft Teams channels. Integrate AI for scheduling, summarizing, or drafting responses, making AI tools an intuitive part of your daily communication and workflow.

Let's say your team just wrapped up a crucial phase of a project, and you need to update stakeholders. Instead of drafting a message from scratch, you leverage Relay.app's AI within Slack to summarize the key points. The AI reviews your project documentation, extracting essential achievements and insights.

(Source: Relay.app)

Relay.app then drafts a concise update, presenting a clear path forward based on the project's current status. This drafted message can be reviewed and sent out to stakeholders directly from Slack, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned with the next steps, all with minimal effort on your part.

Save time, enhance operations, and keep your team ahead of the curve, all within the communication platform you already use.

Manage social media and marketing

Automating social media and marketing tasks and updates within Slack is a great way to lighten your workload.

Capture a lead with Facebook Lead Ads? Relay.app can sync them into your Mailchimp list, and trigger a notification in a dedicated Slack channel, alerting your team to the new lead. This means you can initiate personalized follow-ups right from Slack, speeding up the journey from interest to conversion.

You can also set up similar workflows with HubSpot. You might make it so that when a lead advances in HubSpot, Relay.app uses Slack to update your sales team. You can choose from DMs and other dedicated channels and even set up message templates in Slack.

Focus on creating impactful content and campaigns, knowing the technical details are handled.

Improve team collaboration

Seamless collaboration within Slack is crucial for propelling projects and keeping everyone on the same wavelength. Relay.app empowers this collaboration by seamlessly connecting your go-to communication and project management tools, bridging any workflow gaps right within your Slack workspace.

Whether you're generating ideas in Notion or tracking project progress in Airtable, Relay.app ensures that updates in one platform instantly reflect in the other.

The real game-changer, though, is how Relay.app sends these updates to your channels. This means your whole team gets the latest information in real-time, regardless of their preferred tool.

Relay.app centralizes these updates in Slack, simplifying your workflow and eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms. The outcome is a smoother project process and stronger team collaboration, with Slack as the hub of your team's success.

Automate e-commerce operations

Streamline your e-commerce operations within your Slack workspace using Relay.app’s integration with platforms like Webflow, Stripe, and QuickBooks Online.

When an order is fulfilled or refunded in Webflow, Relay.app can update your team by posting notifications in the designated Slack channel. This real-time update ensures your team stays informed about order statuses without having to check multiple platforms, enhancing the efficiency of your post-sale process.

For transactions processed through Stripe, Relay.app can records these in QuickBooks Online and shares transaction summaries or alerts in Slack.

This integration simplifies financial tracking and ensures your sales team, customer support, and finance department are on the same page regarding payments and refunds.

Create a more cohesive and responsive sales and support ecosystem and empower your team to focus on strategic customer engagement.

Level up Slack with automation

From managing communications and project timelines to synchronizing customer data and streamlining HR processes, Relay.app ensures that Slack becomes more than a messaging tool—it becomes the hub where all your work comes together seamlessly.

Ready to revolutionize your team's productivity? Let Relay.app and Slack automate your tasks, freeing your team to accomplish even greater things.

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