How to send Slack messages for new bookings is an automation tool that lets you automate actions across Slack,, and many other apps. In this guide, we'll show you how to use to automatically run the SlackSend message” action for each Cal.comNew booking” event. > Slack
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Add the trigger

The trigger is a crucial element that initiates the automated process within your playbook. For this guide, the "New booking" trigger is what you'll use to start the workflow whenever there's a new booking.

To set this up, click "Add trigger" in your playbook, choose the "New booking" option, and proceed with the configuration. If you haven't connected your account yet, follow the prompts to integrate it with Relay.


Add the Slack automation

In your playbook, each step carries out a specific action during its run. Automations, especially, perform tasks in another service or tool.

For the → Slack workflow, you'll add the "Send channel message from" automation as a step. This sends a predetermined message to a Slack channel when a new booking occurs.

Click "Add step" in your playbook and look for the Slack automation options. Once selected, customize it with the information you’ve specified earlier, such as the destination channel and message content with booking details. Should you need to link your Slack account to Relay, follow the prompt to establish the connection.


Turn on your playbook

Activating your playbook is the final step to enable the automated workflow. When you turn it on, new bookings will automatically prompt your playbook to send the customized messages to the chosen Slack channel.

To activate the playbook, simply click the toggle button located in the playbook's header. However, it’s advised to run a test before you set it live. This helps to ensure that the trigger and automation steps function as expected and that the messages arrive correctly in Slack.

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