integrations is a versatile, open-source scheduling tool that streamlines appointment setting for individuals and businesses. It simplifies finding meeting times that work for all parties and can even handle payments for booked services. Relay enhances by enabling users to connect new or upcoming bookings with other business applications, facilitating smooth follow-ups and preparation processes for meetings and services offered. triggers and automations

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Streamline Meeting Preparations

Utilize the 'New booking' trigger from to automatically generate and share an agenda or relevant documents with both internal stakeholders and meeting participants. Relay can integrate with cloud storage services or communication tools like Slack to ensure everyone is well-prepared and on the same page before the meeting begins.

Automatically Manage Follow-ups

After a new booking is created, set up a Relay automation to craft follow-up tasks in your project management tools, such as Asana or Trello. This ensures that any action items from the meeting are captured and assigned automatically, maintaining efficiency and momentum post-discussion.

Efficiently Monitor Upcoming Bookings

With Relay’s 'Upcoming bookings' trigger, you can create automations that notify team members about their upcoming appointments through email or messaging apps. This way, Relay helps keep everyone punctual and provides an opportunity to reschedule or cancel if necessary, without switching between multiple platforms.

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