Playbook templates

Google Sheets → Slack
Send a Slack message for every new row in a spreadsheet
    Process Swag orders
    Automatically deal with new swag orders via a Google Form
      Inbound Demo Request
      Prepare and follow up for "request a demo" meetings
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      Incident post-mortem
      Follow up on production incidents
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      Internal Newsletter
      Prepare & send monthly internal newsletters
        Triage & respond to App Store reviews
        Featuring ChatGPT-generated draft replies
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        Calendly → Google Sheets
        Add newly scheduled Calendly event details to a spreadsheet
          Interviewing Candidates
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          Customer Support
          Triage and respond to customer support tickets
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          Meeting Follow Up
          Follow up after every meeting to get the most out of it!
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          Calendly -> Apollo
          Update Apollo Contact stage when a Calendly event is scheduled.
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          Employee Onboarding
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          Prepare User Studies
          Prepare notes for upcoming user studies that are scheduled via Calendly
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          Triage & respond to Play Store reviews
          Featuring ChatGPT-generated draft replies
            Schedule Lever Interviews from Calendly
              Sales-to-Success handoff
              From AE to CSM to a happy customer
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              Candidate Outreach
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              Incident response
              Respond to production incidents fast and with confidence
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              New User Welcome Campaign
              Short personalized drip campaign triggered by a webhook from your product
                Jira -> HubSpot
                Create a HubSpot ticket when a new Jira issue is created
                  Gmail → Sheets
                  Automatically add newly received emails to Google Sheets
                    Google Forms -> Notion
                    Collect new form responses in a Notion database
                      Customer onboarding
                      Minimalist playbook demonstrating basic Google Slides and Gmail automations
                        Employee Offboarding
                        • Best practice
                        QBR Preparations
                        Prepare QBRs with customers in a timely manner
                          Pipedrive -> Jira
                          Create an issue when a deal is won
                            Quickly handle cold emails in Gmail
                            Reply and archive automatically when you label a cold email
                              Google Forms --> Google Drive
                       → Affinity
                                Automatically add AI-generated meeting notes to a contact
                         → Slack (Webhook trigger)
                                  Send submissions to Slack
                                    Webflow -> Hubspot
                                    Capture Webflow form submissions in Hubspot
                                      Apollo -> Pipedrive
                                      Create Pipedrive person when a new contact is created in Apollo.
                                        Schedule Ashby Interviews from Calendly