Demo screenshot is a modern alternative to Zapier has deeper integrations, better features, more flexibility, and better pricing.

Why choose or Zapier?

Illustration for is a modern, crafted automation tool with deep integrations and rich workflow features. If you have a workflow that requires input from a teammate—like making a decision that requires human judgment, reviewing the output of an AI model, or approving a next step— is the platform for you. Beyond its features,’s user-friendly experience makes it an excellent tool for anyone on your team to pick up.

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Zapier has been a popular workflow automation for over a decade, and in that time they have built up a library of over 7,000 integrations. If you need an integration with a less commonly used app, Zapier probably has it. They offer many workflow tools, though the workflow building experience is more optimized for shorter trigger-and-action zaps than complex logic. To manage more complex data at scale or build custom web apps, Zapier also now offers tables and interfaces.

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How do and Zapier compare? has all the basic features you expect out of a no-code workflow automation tool–plus a few super useful extras. All in a beautifully designed, friendly user interface.

Demo screenshot is the next generation of workflow automation

With, you can automate more than ever before. Beyond the workflow automation basics you expect from any great automation tool, also makes it easy to bring AI and human judgement into any workflow. It’s designed for collaborative and dynamic use by your whole team. Plus,'s simple pricing makes it a great way to automate for teams of every size.

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Get more done for less with vs Zapier
Monthly cost per # of steps
100$0$0200$0$19.99750$9$19.991,500$9$395,000$9$8910,000$9$12925,000 and 1 user$59$28925,000 and 3+ users$59$399
Start for free
Monthly cost per # of steps
25,000 and 1 user$59
25,000 and 3+ users$59
Start for free
Compare to Zapier
Monthly cost per # of steps
25,000 and 1 user$289
25,000 and 3+ users$399

Why switch from Zapier to

Capture more of your workflow with human-in-the-loop actions

Capture more of your workflow with human-in-the-loop actions

So many workflows can’t be 100% automated. Many require that a teammate makes a decision, completes a task, or reviews and approves the output of AI. Whereas Zapier is optimized only for fully automated flows, makes it easy to incorporate human action as a natural part of any workflow. Easily add tasks, approvals, data input, or decision steps.

Built for team collaboration

With its collaborative workflow editing and multiplayer task assignment, is designed to be used by teams. If you have a workflow that requires different teammates to take action every time it runs, you can use Roles to dynamically assign automations and tasks to the right person each time. Unlike Zapier’s focus on single-player use,’s intent is to be a useful shared tool the whole team can contribute to and participate in.

Built for team collaboration
Great quality support from a team who cares

Great quality support from a team who cares

Our team thrives on customer feedback and requests. We strive to address issues as quickly as possible, listen to our customers, and prioritize what you need to get your work done. We’re available by email (and chat for our team plan) and can offer timely support across multiple time zones.

Transparent, reasonable pricing offers a reasonable pricing model for teams of all sizes. If you’re not sure which plan you’ll need, just start with the free tier and upgrade when you need to. Learn more at

Transparent, reasonable pricing
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" is the only tool we’ve used that conforms to our processes, rather than having to adjust the process to conform to the tool. It truly is the only tool we’ve used that feels frictionless for human-in-the-loop workflows."

Hassaan Raza
Co-Founder & CEO
Author picture (Alex Williams)

“By the way, I have only spent 20 minutes with but am liking it so much more than Zapier. You've got some awesome features here in a very nice UI!”

Alex Williams
Founder & CEO,

It’s easy to get started with

The number one

Start with just one workflow

Switching from Zapier may sound daunting, but you don’t have to transition everything at once. Get started by building just one workflow to see that is better for you.’s generous free plan makes it easy to start running workflows before switching everything over.

The number two

Connect the apps you’re already using is designed for everyone on your team, no coding required. It’s built on top of the tools you already use—no need to migrate data anywhere. Its deep integrations make it easy to set up automations in an understandable way. Once you connect your apps, start building a workflow by adding a trigger, automations, logic, and any human-in-the-loop steps. You can always start simple and add on later.

The number three

Run your workflow

With your first workflow built you are ready to run! Once you see the ease of use and time savings of one workflow, you’ll be ready to build another. If you need any support to help make as smooth a transition process as possible, just reach out to our friendly team at

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Zapier ever a better choice?

    Zapier is a better fit for some use cases. Zapier is a featureful workflow automation tool that has been around for a long time. If you need an integration with a less commonly used app, Zapier may already have the one you need. If you need advanced features like interfaces and tables, we recommend you try out Zapier for your use case.

  • What’s the difference between Zapier Zaps and Workflows? uses the term "Workflows" to emphasize the strategic, step-by-step approach to automation, with a focus on ease of use and team collaboration. Zapier, on the other hand, uses "Zaps" to describe fully automated, often short flows. Either way, whether you're working with a Workflow or a Zapier Zap, you're building a customized workflow designed to streamline and automate actions across apps.

  • What if doesn’t have an integration I need?

    Just request it! We're constantly expanding our integrations based on customer feedback. Let us know what you need, and we'll prioritize accordingly.

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