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Why people choose over Pipedream

Pipedream offers developers a robust platform for connecting APIs and automating workflows with a code-centric approach. However, for businesses seeking a more accessible, no-code solution that effortlessly integrates AI and human decision-making into automated workflows, is the better choice.

How do and Pipedream compare? has all the basic features you expect out of a no-code workflow automation tool–plus a few super useful extras. All in a beautifully designed, friendly user interface.

Demo screenshot is the next generation of workflow automation empowers businesses to not just automate tasks, but also create intelligent workflows that leverage both AI and human insights. Unlike Pipedream's developer-centric model, Relay provides a no-code, easy to use platform that empowers every team member to contribute to automation efforts.

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What makes great

Transparent pricing with no surprises

Relay offers transparent, per-user pricing. This approach offers predictable costs as your automation needs grow, without the unpredictability or complexity often encountered with credit-based pricing like Pipedream uses.'s approach ensures that budgeting for automation is straightforward, facilitating easier financial planning and scalability.

Transparent pricing with no surprises
Automation powered by human insight

Automation powered by human insight

Pipedream, with its developer-centric, code-first automation approach, caters well to technical users looking to integrate APIs and automate workflows. However, is more widely user friendly, and goes beyond pure task automation by allowing users to interweave human-in-the-loop actions directly into workflows, from human decisions to reviews to approvals.

Designed for team collaboration

While Pipedream's powerful capabilities are undeniable, its code-first nature may present a barrier to entry for non-technical team members., on the other hand, is designed from the ground up to foster teamwork and collaboration. With features such as collaborative playbook editing, task assignments, and role-based automation delegation, Relay invites contributions from every team member, regardless of their technical expertise.

Designed for team collaboration
Dedicated support from an expert team

Dedicated support from an expert team prides itself on offering exceptional customer support. Our team of in-house experts is available and ready to offer personalized guidance and timely support. We are committed to listening to your needs, solving any issues quickly, and constantly evolving our product to better support your automation needs.

Fast-growing companies save time with

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" has completely transformed how we approach onboarding for new employees. In addition to reducing the time we spend on manual tasks by over 70%, Relay gives us the right tools to build positive interactions between employees, managers, and new hires–improving the onboarding experience for everyone."

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Pipedream ever a better choice?

    Pipedream is a great choice for developers and technical users who prefer a code-first approach to automation. Its powerful and efficient capabilities for connecting APIs and executing custom code make it ideal for complex, bespoke integrations and workflows. For organizations with the technical resources and specific needs that demand programming flexibility, Pipedream offers an environment that can be precisely tailored to meet those demands.

  • How does support complex workflow automation?

    Although doesn't support the bespoke customization enabled by Pipedream's code-centric approach, makes many complex workflows possible out of the box by offering advanced features like multistep workflows, inline AI transformations, and conditional logic (paths) based on logic, human decisions, or AI. These capabilities enable businesses to automate sophisticated processes without code.

  • How does facilitate team collaboration on automation projects? fosters team collaboration through features designed for shared use, such as collaborative playbook editing, task assignments, and role-based automation delegation. These tools not only allow for the distribution of work according to team members' roles but also promote transparency and collective input, making a great choice for teams aiming to work together seamlessly on automation projects.

  • What makes's pricing model better than Pipedream's?

    Relay offers a transparent, per-user pricing model, eliminating the uncertainty associated with Pipedream's usage-based pricing. Per-user pricing means no surprises with your bill, making it easier to budget and scale your automation efforts as your business grows.

  • What if I need an integration that doesn't currently offer? is constantly expanding its library of integrations based on customer feedback. If you need a specific integration, let us know. Our commitment to customer-driven development means we're always working to add the connections our users need.

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