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Why people choose over Bardeen is a powerful and beautiful browser-based tool that’s great for streamlining repetitive online actions. But if you’re looking for automation capabilities beyond the browser, or are seeking to integrate human decision making in your workflows, Relay is the go-to automation tool for you.

How do and Bardeen compare? has all the basic features you expect out of a no-code workflow automation tool–plus a few super useful extras. All in a beautifully designed, friendly user interface.

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With Relay, you can automate more than ever before. Beyond the workflow automation basics you expect from any great automation tool, Relay also makes it easy to bring AI and human judgement into any workflow. It’s designed for collaborative and dynamic use by your whole team. Plus, Relay's simple per-user pricing makes it a great way to automate to your heart’s content without a surprise bill.

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What makes great

Transparent per-user pricing

Unlike, which offers limited credit-based pricing that scales as you build more automations, Relay provides a transparent per-user pricing model. This ensures that your team can scale up automation efforts without worrying about hitting limits or incurring additional costs based on usage. Relay's model is designed to support your growth, making it easy to budget and plan for your automation needs without surprises. Learn more at

Transparent per-user pricing
Capture more of your workflow with human-in-the-loop actions

Capture more of your workflow with human-in-the-loop actions excels at streamlining repeated tasks online. However, Relay lets you automate even more by integrating human-in-the-loop actions in automated workflows. This capability ensures that critical decisions, quality checks, and approvals can be seamlessly incorporated, providing a level of oversight and flexibility that browser-based automation alone cannot match.

Designed for team collaboration

While is powerful for individual use, Relay is built from the ground up to support collaborative team environments. Relay facilitates shared playbook editing, automation delegation, and dynamic role-based task assignment, making it ideal for teams to build and execute multistep workflows. These collaboration capabilities expand the realm of what teams can automate in their daily processes.

Designed for team collaboration
Exceptional support from an expert team

Exceptional support from an expert team

The Relay team offers timely and personalized support from our in-house automation experts. We are committed to listening to your needs, solving any issues quickly, and constantly evolving our product to better support your automation needs.

Fast-growing companies save time with Relay

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"Relay has completely transformed how we approach onboarding for new employees. In addition to reducing the time we spend on manual tasks by over 70%, Relay gives us the right tools to build positive interactions between employees, managers, and new hires–improving the onboarding experience for everyone."

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Bardeen ever a better choice? is a great choice for individuals seeking to automate web-based tasks, and who don't need complex or multi-person workflows. If you need to automate quick tasks in the browser, and run those automations on demand, Bardeen is the better choice for you. Its AI workflow building tools and outstanding design make it efficient and user friendly for quickly crafting online accelerators.

  • What’s the difference between Bardeen automations and Playbooks? automations are excellent for straightforward tasks in the browser on demand, while Playbooks offer a more comprehensive approach to automating workflows. Playbooks are automated flows that can span multiple apps and services, integrate AI and human actions, and allow for multiplayer use.

  • Does charge per automation?

    Nope!'s pricing is based on the number of users in your workspace, not operations. This model encourages you to automate as much as possible without worrying about additional costs. See more details at

  • What if doesn’t have an integration I need?

    Just request it! We're constantly expanding our integrations based on customer feedback. Let us know what you need, and we'll prioritize accordingly.

  • Is Bardeen safe?

    Yes, Bardeen is designed with user privacy and security in mind. It does not store data from connected applications, such as your calendar, email, or any other services, in the cloud. Instead, all data is persisted in the local browser storage, ensuring that it never resides on Bardeen's cloud servers. This approach significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your information, as no third-party or website can access the information stored in your browser. The only way for someone to access this data would be through compromising your computer itself, which Bardeen's security measures aim to protect against.

  • Is Bardeen free? offers a free tier, enabling users to experience its browser automation capabilities without any upfront cost. This plan is ideal for individuals just starting with automation, providing access to a range of features with some limitations on the number of automations or actions. For users requiring more advanced functionalities or higher usage limits, also provides paid plans to accommodate their needs.

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