How to send a Slack message for each new Calendly event

Learn how to configure a Relay playbook to automatically send a message in a Slack channel when a new event is scheduled in Calendly
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Create your playbook

Your playbook is your personal automation workflow between Calendly and Slack.

First, make sure to create an account with Relay. Once you're on the Relay dashboard, find and click the "New playbook" button to initiate the process. This specific playbook will harness the power of Calendly's trigger for 'Newly scheduled events' to prompt an action in Slack.

As you create your playbook, choose a name that directly reflects its purpose, like 'Calendly to Slack Notification,' and select an emoji that resonates with the theme of scheduling or communication, for easy identification.


Add the Calendly trigger

The trigger is a vital part of your playbook; it's the event that sets your automation in motion.

For this Calendly to Slack playbook, you'll use Calendly's "Newly scheduled events" as the trigger to automatically initiate the workflow. When someone schedules a new event, such as a '30 Minute Meeting,' your playbook will commence.

To add this trigger, click on "Add trigger" within your playbook editor. Choose the "Newly scheduled events" trigger from the list of Calendly options. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to integrate your Calendly account by providing the necessary permissions.


Add the Slack automation

Within your playbook, steps define the actions to be taken for each triggered event. Automations are specific types of steps designed to perform actions within your integrated tools.

In the 'Calendly -> Slack' playbook, the automation you'll set up is the "Send channel message from" which operates in Slack. This automation facilitates the posting of pre-defined messages to a selected Slack channel whenever a new Calendly event is scheduled.

To add this automation to your playbook, click the "Add step" button. Proceed to the "Automations" section, locate the Slack "Send channel message from" automation, and provide the required information for the inputs. Should this be your initial Slack automation setup, Relay will prompt you to connect your Slack account to allow the necessary integrations.


Turn on your playbook

Activating your playbook is the final step before it begins automating your Calendly event notifications in Slack.

To set your 'Calendly -> Slack' playbook live, simply click the toggle switch located in the header. This will enable new playbook runs to commence automatically whenever the 'Newly scheduled events' trigger identifies a new event in Calendly.

It's recommended to run a test of your playbook before officially turning it on. This helps ensure that all components are functioning correctly and that your Slack channel receives the right notifications at the right time.

Try it for yourself in an interactive sandbox

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