How to automate your user study playbook with Coda and Relay

Learn how to build a short playbook in Relay and Coda that automates the process of planning and running user studies or customer interviews. This playbook triggers when a new user study is scheduled via Calendly, after which it adds a row to a table in Coda and shares an update with the team.
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Add the Calendly trigger

First, add a Calendly trigger that kicks off a new run of the playbook every time schedule someone schedules a user study via a dedicated Calendly event


Add the Coda automation

Next, add a Coda automation that adds a row to the table where you're managing your user study participants. Here is a handy Coda template.

The information that the participant filled in via Calendly is available via data fields that you can use in the Coda automation.


Add the Slack automation

Next, we add a Slack automation to send a brief update to our team about the upcoming user study. We leverage data fields from Calendly as well as the newly created row in Coda


Add a Wait step to wait until the Calendly event ended

After the user study finished, we'll want to send a quick 'Thank you' note to the participant via email. To do that, we'll first add a Wait step in our playbook that waits until the scheduled event has ended.


Add the Gmail automation

Finally, we'll add a Gmail automation to send an email with the 'Thank you' note.

To ensure we're sending a personalized message, we add a Fill-in chip in the message body. This will ensure that every time before this message goes out, I will have the opportunity to personalize the message or approve it as-is. This is a good example of one of the human-in-the-loop features Relay offers.


Turn on your playbook

All that's left is turning on the playbook!

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