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Calendly triggers and automations

Event cancelled
Event ended
Event rescheduled
Event scheduled
Event started
Event upcoming
New group event attendee

How-to guides featuring Calendly

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Calendly iconSlack icon
Notify via Slack when Calendly events are rescheduled
Are you having trouble keeping your team updated with changes to your Calendly events? Do you wish there was a way to know about reschedules beforehand? Don't worry! Relay can help you by sending real-time notifications on Slack every time a Calendly event is changed. With this automation, you won't get caught off guard anymore, and your whole team will be informed instantly. In this guide, we'll show you four easy steps to set up the integration and ensure you attend all important meetings.
Calendly iconGoogle Calendar icon
Sync updated Calendly events with your Google Calendar
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that automatically updates the events scheduled in Google Calendar whenever there's any update in the scheduled Calendly events. Keep your Google Calendar events updated with this seamless workflow between Calendly and Google Calendar. When the event in Calandly is updated, the corresponding event in Google Calendar will be updated instantly, ensuring that your schedule remains accurate and up-to-date. Simplify your calendar management with this easy-to-use automation.
Calendly iconAshby icon
Automate Ashby interview scheduling from Calendly events
Automatically create interview schedules in Ashby for newly scheduled events in Calendly, saving time and streamlining the hiring process.
Calendly iconSlack icon
Send a Slack message for each new Calendly event
Learn how to configure a Relay playbook to automatically send a message in a Slack channel when a new event is scheduled in Calendly
Calendly iconGoogle Calendar icon
Sync Calendly events with Google Calendar
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that automatically creates an event in Google Calendar from newly scheduled event in Calendly. When you schedule a time to meet with someone, not adding that to your calendar means you very well might miss the meeting. If you have trouble remembering to add meetings to your calendar, this is for you! This integration automatically generates a new event in Google Calendar from the details of each new scheduled Calendly event.
Calendly iconGoogle Calendar icon
Automate Google Calendar invites for new Calendly events
Easily invite more people to your Calendly events by automating Google Calendar invites
Gmail iconCalendly icon
Send Calendly event reminders via email
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that automatically sends reminders for upcoming Calendly events through Gmail.
Calendly iconSlack icon
Automatically send a Slack notification about canceled Calendly events
Have you ever experienced a last-minute Calendly event cancellation that left you feeling disappointed and unsure of what to do? Don't worry! With Relay, you can easily set up a playbook to automatically send a notification in Slack whenever a Calendly event gets canceled. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of manually alerting your team and focus on other important tasks. In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple process of creating an efficient workflow in four easy steps. So, let's dive in and get started!
Calendly iconSlack icon
Send a Slack message for upcoming Calendly events
Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep your team informed about upcoming events scheduled through Calendly? It can be daunting to juggle multiple calendars and ensure everyone is in the loop. But we're excited to tell you that we have found a way to simplify this process for you and your team. With Relay, you can update your team with automatic Slack notifications whenever you have an upcoming event in Calendly. This guide will show you how to set up this integration in four easy steps so you can attend all important meetings.
Calendly iconAttio icon
Create Attio person records for new Calendly events
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook that captures name and email address from newly scheduled Calendly events as records in Attio.
Calendly iconApollo icon
Update Apollo contacts when a Calendly event is booked
Need to update an Apollo contact when a Calendly event is booked? Use Relay to automate this workflow and more.
Calendly iconLever icon
Schedule new Lever interviews via Calendly
Streamline your interview scheduling process using Relay. Set up this playbook template in minutes to integrate Calendly with Lever & unlock the power of automated scheduling. Effortlessly coordinate interviews, save time, and find your ideal candidates faster
Coda iconCalendly iconSlack iconGmail icon
Automate your user study playbook with Coda and Relay
Learn how to build a short playbook in Relay and Coda that automates the process of planning and running user studies or customer interviews. This playbook triggers when a new user study is scheduled via Calendly, after which it adds a row to a table in Coda and shares an update with the team.
Calendly iconSmartSuite icon
Add new Calendly events to a SmartSuite table
Learn how to automatically create records in SmartSuite from newly scheduled Calendly events.
Calendly iconSlack icon
Automatically post Calendly event debriefs in Slack
Do you ever struggle to keep your team updated with the highlights of your Calendly events? It can be challenging to share all the essential insights with them, right? But what if I tell you that you can effortlessly share key insights with your team in Slack after every event? Sounds great, doesn't it? With Relay, you can automatically post messages in Slack after each Calendly event, capturing all the essential details and engaging your team. Follow these four easy steps in setting up these integrations. Let's get started!
Calendly iconSlack icon
Automatically send a Slack message when a Calendly event starts
Are you tired of manually notifying your team members in Slack about every Calendly event that you schedule? Do you wish you had a personal herald to announce the start of each event to your team in Slack? Well, wish no more! With Relay, you can create a workflow that sends a message in Slack whenever an event starts in Calendly. In this guide, we will demonstrate four simple steps to set up this integration and keep your team informed.

Do more with Calendly and Relay

Calendly is a popular scheduling tool that helps businesses streamline their appointment scheduling process. With Calendly, users can create customized booking links and share them with clients, partners, or team members. Once the link is shared, the recipient can easily choose a convenient time slot from the user's available calendar options. Calendly integrates seamlessly with Relay, a collaborative workflow automation platform, allowing users to automate various tasks associated with appointment scheduling. Here are a few use cases that demonstrate the power of integrating Calendly with Relay and other SaaS products.

Streamline Lead Nurturing

With Calendly and Relay, you can automate your lead nurturing process. When a new lead is captured in your CRM, Relay can trigger an automation to send a personalized email through your email marketing tool. By using AI Autofill, Relay can dynamically populate the email content with information pulled from the CRM, creating a personalized experience for each lead.

Automate Meeting Follow-ups

After scheduling a meeting using Calendly, Relay can be triggered to send follow-up emails automatically. Relay can pull information about the meeting from Calendly and populate the email template with the relevant details. This saves valuable time and ensures that your attendees receive the necessary information without manual effort.

Sync Calendar Events

Relay can integrate Calendly with your preferred calendar app to synchronize all your events seamlessly. Whenever a new event is scheduled in Calendly, Relay can automatically create a corresponding event in your calendar app. This ensures that you have a centralized view of all your appointments and can avoid any scheduling conflicts.

To unlock the full potential of Calendly and integrate it with other SaaS tools, try Relay for free today. Start automating your workflows and streamline your business processes.

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