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About Calendly

Calendly is a popular scheduling tool that helps businesses streamline their appointment scheduling process. With Calendly, users can create customized booking links and share them with clients, partners, or team members. Once the link is shared, the recipient can easily choose a convenient time slot from the user's available calendar options. Calendly integrates seamlessly with Relay, a collaborative workflow automation platform, allowing users to automate various tasks associated with appointment scheduling. Here are a few use cases that demonstrate the power of integrating Calendly with Relay and other SaaS products.

Streamline Lead Nurturing

With Calendly and Relay, you can automate your lead nurturing process. When a new lead is captured in your CRM, Relay can trigger an automation to send a personalized email through your email marketing tool. By using AI Autofill, Relay can dynamically populate the email content with information pulled from the CRM, creating a personalized experience for each lead.

Automate Meeting Follow-ups

After scheduling a meeting using Calendly, Relay can be triggered to send follow-up emails automatically. Relay can pull information about the meeting from Calendly and populate the email template with the relevant details. This saves valuable time and ensures that your attendees receive the necessary information without manual effort.

Sync Calendar Events

Relay can integrate Calendly with your preferred calendar app to synchronize all your events seamlessly. Whenever a new event is scheduled in Calendly, Relay can automatically create a corresponding event in your calendar app. This ensures that you have a centralized view of all your appointments and can avoid any scheduling conflicts.

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