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Automatically send and manage Calendly event invitations through Gmail. Streamline your appointment scheduling and communication, ensuring no meeting goes unnoticed! Manage your email efficiently by automatically adding labels, archiving, and sending replies through Gmail, keeping your communications organized and timely after every Calendly booking.

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Calendly and Gmail are two popular apps that can be seamlessly integrated using Relay. With this integration, users can streamline their scheduling and communication processes, enabling more efficient workflows and improving productivity. Relay provides a collaborative workflow automation platform that allows users to connect Calendly and Gmail with other apps, including AI tools like GPT. Here are some use cases that highlight the power of combining Calendly, Gmail, and Relay:

Automate Meeting Reminders

By integrating Calendly and Gmail in Relay, users can automate the process of sending meeting reminders. With the Double Check Automations feature, users can customize and verify the content of each reminder before it is sent. This ensures personalization and accuracy, ultimately enhancing the user's professional image and improving attendee engagement.

AI-Powered Email Personalization

Relay's AI Autofill feature allows users to leverage AI models like GPT to enhance their email communication. By connecting Calendly and Gmail with Relay, users can automatically generate personalized content for their emails. For example, they can insert placeholders in the email template and have GPT fill in relevant information from the CRM, such as the recipient's name, company, and even suggested talking points based on the contact's profile.

Try Relay for free to unlock the full potential of the Calendly-Gmail integration and explore countless other possibilities with integrations to various SaaS products. Improve your workflows, automate tasks, and enhance collaboration across your favorite apps.

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