Calendly + Intercom Integrations

Streamline your customer interactions by syncing Calendly appointments directly with Intercom. Automate scheduling follow-ups and ensure timely communication, enhancing customer support and engagement! Automatically create, update, and annotate support tickets in Intercom based on Calendly events.

Example integrations featuring Calendly and Intercom

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Automatically create ticket in Intercom for each event scheduled in Calendly

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Update ticket automatically in Intercom for each event upcoming in Calendly

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Relay offers seamless integration between Calendly and Intercom, empowering users to automate their workflows and streamline communication with their customers. By combining the power of these two popular apps, users can create a variety of use cases that enhance their productivity and improve customer experience.

Lead Qualification

Relay automates the process of lead qualification by leveraging the capabilities of Calendly and Intercom. Users can set up automations that capture leads through Calendly and automatically transfer the relevant information to Intercom. This ensures that lead information is captured accurately and efficiently, allowing sales teams to take prompt action.

Try Relay for free and experience the power of seamless integration and collaboration among Calendly, Intercom, and other SaaS products!

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