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Integrating Airtable and Intercom

Are you looking to streamline your workflow between Airtable and Intercom? Look no further! With Relay, you can easily integrate these two powerful apps to enhance collaboration and automate your processes.

Seamless customer support

Relay allows you to track and manage customer support tickets in Airtable while leveraging Intercom's robust communication features. Create automations that notify your team when a ticket is created, assign tickets to specific agents, and automatically update ticket status based on Intercom activity. With Relay, you can ensure timely and personalized responses to your customers.

Personalized email campaigns

Combine the power of Airtable's rich customer data with Intercom's email campaigns. Automatically sync your Airtable contacts to Intercom, and use Relay to trigger personalized email campaigns based on specific conditions. Customize your emails using Relay's double check automations or AI autofill with GPT, ensuring that each message feels tailored to the recipient.

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