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Integrating Airtable and Tally

Tally is a versatile form builder that allows businesses to create custom forms and collect responses. Airtable, on the other hand, is a flexible database and project management tool that helps teams organize and collaborate on their work. By integrating Tally with Airtable using Relay, businesses can streamline their workflows and automate key processes. Here are some use cases where the combination of Airtable, Tally, and Relay can bring immense value:

Lead Generation

With Relay, you can leverage Tally's form builder capabilities to create lead capture forms and automatically update the leads in Airtable. Whether it's for event registration, newsletter sign-ups, or contact forms, Relay ensures that the leads captured through Tally are seamlessly synchronized with your Airtable database.

Feedback Collection

Collecting feedback is crucial for businesses to understand their customers' needs. By integrating Tally with Airtable, you can easily create feedback forms using Tally and store the responses directly in Airtable for analysis and action.

Task Management

Use Relay to link Tally forms with Airtable to automate task assignment and management. For example, when a new task is created in Airtable, a Tally form can be automatically generated and assigned to team members. This streamlines the task management process and ensures that everyone has the necessary information to complete their assignments.

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