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Tally is a powerful form builder that allows you to create and manage forms with ease. With its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, Tally makes it simple to collect and analyze data from your audience. Linear, on the other hand, is a popular project management tool that helps teams stay organized and collaborate effectively. By integrating Linear with Tally on the Relay platform, you can streamline your workflows and enhance productivity. Here are some exciting use cases that combine the functionalities of Linear, Tally, and Relay:

Streamlined Feedback Collection

With the integration of Linear, Tally, and Relay, you can automate the process of collecting feedback from your team or customers. Create forms in Tally to gather input, and then seamlessly transfer the collected data to Linear for further analysis and action. Relay's AI Autofill feature can also be utilized to auto-populate form fields with relevant information from Linear.

Efficient Bug Tracking

By combining Linear, Tally, and Relay, you can create a seamless bug tracking system. Use Tally to build bug reporting forms, which automatically create issues in Linear. With Relay's double check automations, a human can review and verify the bug details before it is added to Linear, ensuring accurate and comprehensive information.

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