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Automatically create interview schedule in Ashby for each record added in Airtable

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Update record automatically in Airtable for each application marked as hired in Ashby

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Ashby is an applicant tracking system that helps businesses streamline their hiring process. With Relay's integration, you can enhance the capabilities of Ashby by combining it with Airtable, a powerful database management tool. This integration allows you to create a seamless workflow where you can centralize and automate your hiring processes. Here are some use cases that demonstrate the power of combining Ashby, Airtable, and Relay.

Streamline Candidate Onboarding

By integrating Ashby and Airtable with Relay, you can automate the candidate onboarding process. When a candidate is hired in Ashby, a new record can automatically be created in Airtable, capturing all their details. Additionally, you can trigger automated notifications and tasks to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for the candidate.

Personalized Candidate Outreach

With Relay's AI Autofill feature, you can take candidate outreach to the next level. By integrating Ashby, Airtable, and Relay, you can leverage AI models to generate personalized email content for each candidate, based on information pulled from Ashby and Airtable. This enables you to engage candidates with tailored messages that resonate with their specific needs and interests.

Seamless Candidate Evaluation

Integrating Ashby, Airtable, and Relay allows for seamless candidate evaluation. You can create a workflow where interview feedback from Ashby is automatically logged in Airtable, making it easy for hiring managers to review and analyze the feedback. This ensures that the evaluation process is efficient, collaborative, and well-documented.

Leveraging the power of Relay's double check automations, you can add an extra layer of verification to any workflow involving Ashby and Airtable. You can have a human review and customize the input fields of an automation, ensuring accuracy and personalization for each workflow run. Unlock the full potential of your hiring process by combining Ashby, Airtable, and Relay. Try Relay for free today!

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