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About Ashby

Ashby is an applicant tracking system. It helps companies streamline their hiring process by providing a centralized platform to manage job postings, applications, interviews, and hiring decisions. With Ashby's powerful features and intuitive interface, recruiters can easily track candidates, collaborate with hiring managers, and make data-driven decisions. But Ashby doesn't stop there. By integrating Ashby with Relay, users can supercharge their hiring process by automating repetitive tasks, leveraging AI models, and enabling seamless collaboration between automations, AI models, and humans. Here are some exciting use cases that can be built with Ashby, Relay, and integrations with other SaaS products:

Personalized Candidate Outreach

With Relay's double check automations, recruiters can customize and verify the content of candidate outreach emails before they are sent. By integrating Ashby with an AI model like GPT, recruiters can leverage AI autofill to generate personalized content based on candidates' profiles and previous interactions.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Integrating Ashby with a scheduling tool like Calendly through Relay enables recruiters to automate the interview scheduling process. By setting up a workflow, recruiters can automatically send interview invitations to candidates, check interviewers' availability, and schedule interviews without any manual intervention.

Integrated Background Checks

By integrating Ashby with a background check service via Relay, companies can streamline the screening process. When a candidate reaches a certain stage in the hiring process, a background check can be initiated automatically, and the results can be updated directly in Ashby, allowing recruiters to make informed decisions faster.

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