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Integrating Google Forms and Intercom

Google Forms and Intercom are powerful tools on their own, but when integrated with Relay, they can become a dynamic duo for automating workflows and enhancing customer experiences.

Streamline Lead Generation

With this integration, you can automatically capture form submissions from Google Forms and create leads in Intercom. This ensures that no potential customer slips through the cracks and allows your sales team to quickly follow up with qualified leads.

Personalized Customer Support

By connecting Intercom with Google Forms, you can automatically create support tickets in Intercom based on specific form responses. This enables your customer support team to provide personalized and timely assistance, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Automated Email Campaigns

Combine the power of Google Forms, Intercom, and Relay to create automated email campaigns. Use Google Forms to collect customer data, trigger relevant events in Intercom, and leverage Relay to send personalized and targeted emails at scale.

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