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Automate and streamline your Google Forms and Notion workflows with Relay. Relay lets you connect multiple apps seamlessly, no coding required.

Example Google Forms + Notion integrations

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Automatically add database page to database in Notion for each form response submitted in Google Forms

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Copy form automatically in Google Forms for each database page added in Notion

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Streamline data collection

Relay makes it easy to automate the process of collecting and organizing data, whether you’re managing surveys, feedback forms, or event registrations. If you use Notion, and you want to collect data using Google Forms, you can easily build a workflow in Relay that keeps your Notion database updated as Google Form responses roll in. Skip the manual data entry and let Relay automatically log the responses for you.

Automate sentiment analysis of forms responses

Relay makes it delightfully easy to add sentiment analysis to your data collection workflow. If you use Google Forms to collect feedback, you can use Relay’s integrated AI tools to automatically analyze incoming feedback and log the sentiment analysis in your Notion database. This is a powerful tool for decision making and streamlining how your team handles incoming feedback.

Centralize customer data collection

Notion is a popular tool for teams that need a lightweight CRM. If that’s your team, you can update customer information that comes in via Google Forms automatically using Relay. When a new response comes in, use Relay to identify which customer has filled out the form, and add their responses to their page in your CRM–all automatically.

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