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Relay provides seamless integration between popular SaaS applications, allowing you to automate and streamline your workflows. One powerful integration is between Google Forms and Help Scout, enabling you to effortlessly connect the two apps.

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Relay offers seamless integration between Google Forms and HelpScout, allowing you to automate and streamline your customer support workflows. With Relay, you can combine the power of Google Forms' customizable forms and HelpScout's robust ticketing system to create a seamless support experience for your customers. Here are a few use cases that demonstrate how you can leverage the integration:

Automated Ticket Creation

By integrating Google Forms with HelpScout, you can automatically create support tickets from form submissions. This streamlines your ticket creation process and ensures that all customer inquiries are promptly addressed. You can also use Relay's Double Check Automations to review and add any additional information before a ticket is created.

Workflow Automation

Relay enables you to automate various support-related tasks by integrating Google Forms and HelpScout. For example, you can automatically assign tickets to specific agents based on predefined rules, send automated notifications to customers, or update customer information in HelpScout based on form submissions. These automations save time and ensure consistent and efficient customer support.

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