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Integrating Google Drive and Intercom

Relay makes it easy to integrate Google Drive and Intercom, bringing together the power of these two popular apps. With Relay, you can streamline your workflows and enhance collaboration between teams.

Use Case 1: Automated Document Sharing

With the Google Drive and Intercom integration, you can automate the process of sharing documents with your Intercom users. For example, you can automatically send a welcome email to new customers and attach relevant onboarding materials stored in Google Drive. This ensures a seamless onboarding experience.

Use Case 2: AI-driven Customer Support

Leverage Relay's AI Autofill feature and combine it with the Google Drive and Intercom integration to enhance your customer support. For instance, you can use an AI model like GPT to generate personalized responses to customer queries based on the information stored in Intercom and Google Drive.

To make it even more dynamic, Relay allows you to double check automations, giving you the freedom to add customizations or verify the input fields before execution.

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