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Integrating Google Drive and Typeform

Google Drive and Typeform are popular SaaS apps used by many businesses to manage and collect data. By integrating these two powerful tools with Relay, you can streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration between teams. With Relay's seamless integration capabilities, you can build customized automations that combine the features of Google Drive and Typeform, making your data management processes more efficient and effective.

Centralize Form Responses

By connecting Google Drive and Typeform with Relay, you can centralize all form responses in one place. Set up an automation that automatically saves new Typeform responses as files in a designated Google Drive folder. This way, your team can easily access and analyze the data, improving collaboration and decision-making.

Automated Document Creation

With Relay, you can automate the process of creating documents based on Typeform responses. Set up an automation that generates documents in Google Drive using the information collected through Typeform surveys. This can be especially useful for creating personalized contracts, agreements, or reports.

Conditional Notifications

Relay allows you to create custom notifications based on specific conditions. For example, you can set up an automation that notifies you via email whenever a Typeform response meets certain criteria. This can be helpful for staying updated on important customer feedback or monitoring specific data points.

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