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Seamlessly sync your project documents and files between Asana and Google Drive. Automate the creation, organization, and sharing of project files directly within Google Drive, streamlining document management for your team.

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Relay provides seamless integration between Asana and Google Drive, allowing teams to streamline their workflows and collaborate more effectively. By combining the powerful project management capabilities of Asana with the robust file storage and sharing features of Google Drive, users can optimize their productivity and simplify their work processes.

With Relay, you can create custom automations that connect Asana and Google Drive in various ways, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks, improve data accuracy, and enhance collaboration. Here are some examples of the use cases you can build with Relay:

Streamline File Management

With this integration, you can automatically create a new folder in Google Drive whenever a new project is created in Asana. This ensures that all project-related files are organized and easily accessible, saving you time and effort.

Automate Task Assignments

Relay allows you to automatically assign tasks in Asana whenever a new file is added to a specific folder in Google Drive. This helps to ensure that the right team members are aware of new files and can take action accordingly.

Enable Real-Time Notifications

By integrating Asana and Google Drive with Relay, you can receive real-time notifications in Asana whenever a file is added, modified, or deleted in a specific folder in Google Drive. This keeps your team informed and enables prompt action.

These are just a few examples of the possibilities that Relay offers. With our double check automation and AI Autofill features, you can customize and enhance these use cases even further. Start streamlining your workflows and improving collaboration by trying Relay for free today!

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