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Integrating Asana and CallRail

Relay is a powerful workflow automation platform that allows you to connect and streamline your favorite apps. By integrating Asana and CallRail with Relay, you can supercharge your project management and call tracking capabilities.

Streamline Task Creation from CallRail Calls

With the Asana and CallRail integration on Relay, you can automatically create tasks in Asana whenever a call is received in CallRail. This ensures that all customer inquiries are captured and assigned to the appropriate team members for follow-up, allowing for efficient tracking and resolution.

Sync CallRail Call Logs with Asana Projects

Relay enables you to sync call logs from CallRail directly into your Asana projects. This allows you to keep a record of important call details, such as call duration, caller ID, and call recordings, within your project management workflow. Need to refer back to a call? No problem! Everything is readily accessible in Asana.

Relay also seamlessly integrates with other SaaS products, opening up even more possibilities for automation. Imagine combining the power of Asana, CallRail, and other apps like Salesforce or HubSpot. The potential for automating your business processes and improving collaboration is limitless.

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