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Asana + Trello Integrations provides seamless integration between popular SaaS applications, allowing you to automate and streamline your workflows. One powerful integration is between Asana and Trello, enabling you to effortlessly connect the two apps.

Example Asana + Trello integrations

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Automatically add card to list in Trello for each task completed in Asana

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Create task automatically in Asana for each card added in Trello

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Update card automatically in Trello for each project added in Asana

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Automatically duplicate task in Asana for each board added in Trello

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Move card automatically in Trello for each task added in Asana

Create your own Asana + Trello integration

Connect Asana to Trello

Select a trigger in Asana
Select an action in Trello
Create your workflow

Or, connect Trello to Asana

Select a trigger in Trello
Select an action in Asana
Create your workflow

Do more with Asana and Trello in

Relay enables seamless integration between Asana and Trello, empowering teams to streamline their workflow and boost productivity. By harnessing the power of both platforms, users can combine the task management capabilities of Asana with the visual organization of Trello. With Relay, teams can build powerful use cases that leverage the strengths of both apps, creating a truly collaborative and efficient workflow.

Project Management

Relay allows users to automatically create tasks in Asana based on the cards in Trello boards. By syncing tasks between the two platforms, teams can seamlessly manage projects, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time.

Team Collaboration

Relay enables teams to collaborate by automatically syncing comments and updates between Asana and Trello. This integration ensures that all team members are up to date with the latest information, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Reporting and Analytics

With Relay, users can automate the process of extracting data from Trello and Asana to generate comprehensive reports and analytics. By integrating with other SaaS products like Google Sheets or Power BI, teams can gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Unlock the full potential of your workflow by integrating Asana and Trello with Relay. Try Relay for free today and experience the power of collaborative automation.

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