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Automate and streamline your Apollo and Calendly workflows with Relay. Relay lets you connect multiple apps seamlessly, no coding required.

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Streamline new customer data collection

If you have potential new customers booking meetings with your team using Calendly, it's important to add their information to your sales database so you can keep track of the new leads. With Relay, you can build a workflow to automate this workflow in minutes. Any time a new customer books a meeting with you, Relay can automatically create a contact in Apollo leveraging the relevant data from the Calendly event.

Update existing customer information automatically

Do you send out Calendly links to leads when you want to meet? With Relay, you can automatically update your Apollo database when they book the call. Update the contact details or contact stage automatically in Apollo any time an existing customer schedules a new event.

Get human input when it's needed

Not all Apollo updates can be totally automated. Sometimes decisions need real human input, and Relay makes it easy to get that input with Relay forms and automation reviews. For example, you may want to update a lead's contact stage after a Calendly meeting, and you need the sales rep to make the call. Just use Relay to send a simple form over Slack to get the latest contact stage, and keep Apollo up-to-date accordingly.

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