Update Apollo Contacts when a Calendly event is booked

Need to update an Apollo Contact when a Calendly event is booked? Use Relay to automate that process and more!

Setting it up

In this guide, we'll walk through a few simple steps on how to automatically update Apollo Contacts when a Calendly event is scheduled. This is especially useful if you have multiple Calendly events or if your Calendly account is not the same as your Apollo account (e.g. multiple SDRs on rotation), since this isn't something that Apollo meetings can natively support.

Create your playbook

Your playbook is where you'll set up the steps involved in your Calendly -> Apollo automations.

Sign up for Relay to get started if this is your first playbook. Once on the dashboard, click the "New playbook" button, and you are off!

Make sure to give your playbook a clear name & identifiable emoji to help it stand up among the crowd!

Add the Calendly trigger

A trigger is responsible for detecting changes in your connected apps and running your playbook in response.

In this case, the "Newly scheduled events" trigger for Calendly will automatically create new playbook runs whenever a new event is scheduled.

You can optionally add more event types or check the checkbox if you also want to trigger when events are scheduled in other peoples' calendars.

Get the associated Apollo Contact

Next, we need to find the associated Apollo Contact. To do this, you can click on the "+ Add step" icon and select "Get data from app". If this is your first time using Apollo within Relay, you'll be asked to connect to your Apollo account first.

Then select Apollo -> Get contact. In the dialogue, put the variable from Calendly's Invitee email as the "Search query".

You can then decide what this run should do if there is no contacts found. If you believe every event scheduled should have an associated contact in your Apollo account, then you can leave the selection as "Fail". If not, you can change it to "Continue".

Update Apollo Contact's stage

Now that we've found the Apollo Contact based on the Calendly event booked, we can then update its stage.

To do this, you will add an "automation". Automations are steps that take some action in another tool.

In this case, you can set up the "Update contact stage" automation to change the stage to be "Interested".

Click the "Add step" button, then navigate to "Automations", find the Apollo -> Update contact stage automation, and fill out the details.

In addition, if you want to update other details of the Apollo Contact, you can also pick the Apollo -> Update contact automation as well.

Turn on the playbook

When you are done with the playbook, don't forget to turn it on to put it to use! You can also click on "Check now" on the trigger to do a manual check whenever you like. Otherwise, this trigger will be automatically triggered when the conditions are met.

That's it! You are all set to test-drive your brand new playbook in day-to-day usage! New runs will be automatically triggered whenever a new meeting is scheduled in the Calendly event(s).

Once you are happy with the way your playbook is set up, make sure to explore Relay's other features such as AI auto-fill, double check automations, and a wide variety of integrations with Apollo, HubSpot, Slack and other apps.

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