How to update Apollo contacts when a Calendly event is booked is an automation tool that lets you automate actions across Calendly, Apollo, and many other apps. In this guide, we'll show you how to use to automatically run the ApolloUpdate contact stage” action for each CalendlyEvent scheduled” event.
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Add the Calendly trigger

Every playbook starts with a trigger. The trigger detects changes in your connected apps and runs your playbook in response.

Click "Add trigger" and select "Newly scheduled events" under Calendly. If this is your first time using Calendly in Relay, you'll be prompted to connect your account. Select which Calendly event type should trigger new runs.


Get the associated Apollo contact

In order to update the right Apollo contact, you'll need to match a contact using information from the Calendly event.

Select "Add step" and choose "Get contact." Connect Apollo to Relay if you haven't already, then insert the variable for the invitee email address from Calendly into the "Search query" field.


Update Apollo contact's stage

Now that the right Apollo contact has been identified based on the Calendly event, you can update the contact stage.

Click the plus to add a new step. Select "Update contact stage" and select the desired new contact stage.

If there are other contact details you want to update, you can add another "Update contact" automation as well.


Turn on the playbook

When you are done setting up the playbook, it's time to turn it on.

The playbook will now run automatically whenever a new event is scheduled in Calendly. You can also click "Check now" to do a manual check whenever you'd like.

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